Bulma Helpers

Easiest method to empezar using practical / atomic CSS in Bulma


I’ve supplied Bulma structure in couple of projects and I really love it! ❤️ identificación like it’s normal usability y the fact that it emplees Flexbox for this reason widely, but i noticed one rather serious issue. Even though Bulma encourages users to usar Functional CSS v delivering responsiveness or typography helpers, many simple classes because that e.g. Contents sizing or spacing are simply missing. So identificación decided to compose supplementary library come cover this little gap and here that is! necessary fact to plenty of — alguno JS included.

How come use

Full recommendation is accessible on GitHub, but now me gustaría will show you ns couple examples.

Example 1: let’s say the you need to create ns div with 5px padding, 20px left margin, pointer cursor and alguno border.

Looks clear y easy, doesn’t it?