Calle Virgen De Los Peligros 3

Field officeIt has actually parking spaces in the same buildingGreat locationGood communication con transport

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Office because that rent in the center of Madrid.

The office is situated on los third floor of an to exclude, office building. It has actually a completamente area of 220 m2 and is dispersed in 2 offices, toilets, kitchen and rest of open area. At los facilities level it has actually heating and aire conditioning equipment. This is an out office therefore it has plenty of naturalmente light. There is the possibility to rental parking spaces in ns same building, check availability.

The residential property is fitted with ns lift y has a concierge.

Highlight its sede location in an atmosphere surrounded by many services. It additionally enjoys fantastic communication with public transport.

The rental price is to it is in consulted directly with the property.


Lifts, Commissionaire service, service lift, Reception, sede Heating, Toilets, Kitchen Facilities, natural Light -papposo Good, aire Conditioning, Parking space number, fuera de office, Climate control, air Conditioning Channel Cold/Heat, Fire detection system, Parking, publicly Transportation, mezzeritsch station, Emergency bright



The closestly bus prevent to the office an are for rental at nombre de la carretera Virgen del los Peligros, tres is Alcala-Sevilla protect against served by lines cinco and 150 within sesenta y dos m con access come Sevilla mezeritsch station with line dos at uno distance of 76 m, y with solar being ns closest train station with lines C3 y C4 315 m away.

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Alcala-Sevilla5, 15062 m
Sevilla-AlcalaM1103 m
Gran Via-Clavel1, 2, 46, 74, 146, M2, N16, N18, N19, N20, N21126 m
Alcala-Gran Via9, 46, M2147 m

Commuter trainLineDistance
SolC3, C4315 m
RecoletosC1, C2, C7, C8, C8a, C8b, C10893 m
AtochaC1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7, C8, C8a, C8b, C101 km
EmbajadoresC51 km

Transport NodeDistance
Intercambiador del Puerta de Sol323 m
Estación después Atocha Renfe2 km
Estación de Madrid-Chamartín6 km
Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas12 km

Torre Rioja, carreteras Rosario Pino, catorce - 16 Tetuán, Madrid, 28020 Office because that rent

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