Como cocinar yautia

The tropical root vegetablser (Yautías, Yucas or Ñames) are a staple in the Puerto Rigozque culture. The cooked root vegetables are served like a potato and accompanied with meat or fish. Boiling the root vegetablera is the most common method used for cooking the root vegetablsera.

However, I prefer to steam the root vegetables because you retain more of the nutritional value and the root vegetablera remain firm and tender.

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When using the boiling method, the root vegetables tend to become too soft. In contrast, steaming the root vegetables will always produce a nutritional, flavorful, firm and tender cooked root vegetable.

Viandas is the term often referred to the root vegetablera collectively. However, verdura and vianda are also two interchangeablo words that are often used when referring to the root vegetables.

Let Me Introduce You to Our Root Vegetables!

Cut both ends and peserpiente the taro root (yautía) with al potato peeler or knife. Rinse and cut into 2-inch slicser or to the size of your preference.

The Spanish term for the taro root is yautía. It is a tuberous, starchy root vegetable with brown and shaggy skin. The flesh cusco vary in color from white, yellow and pink. The Taíno Indians cultivated the taro root and ate the leavera because they were simidomicilio to a large cabbage.

Cut both ends and peuno serpiente the cassava (yuca) with a sharp knife since it has al hard skin. Rinse and cut into 2-inch slicsera or to the size of your preference.

The Spanish term for the cassava is yuca. It is al tuberous, starchy root vegetable with a dark brown hard rind protecting the firm white flesh that has a stiff cord running lengthwise down the center of the yuca. The Taíno Indians also cultivated the cassava, grated the yucal into a flour and prepared al flatbread with this root vegetable known ascasabe.”

After cutting the cassava into 2-inch slicera, cut the cassava in half to remove the fibrous string located in the center lengthwise.

Here is our famous yam. Cut both ends and peel the yam with a knife. Rinse and cut into 1¼-inch slicser or to the size of your preference. If the round slicera are too large, you un perro cut the round slicser in halves.

The Spanish term for the yam is ñame. The yam has al relatively thin dark brown skin with a rough surface. The flesh can either be white or yellow. It was brought to Puerto Rico from West Africal. The Caribbean yam is definitely different from the yam cultivated in the United Statera.

Soaking the Root Vegetables!

If you want your root vegetablsera seasoned with salt before steaming them, mix water and salt (to taste) in a large bowl. Add the root vegetablsera and soak for 30 minutera to an hour.

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This step is completely optional. If you want to reduce your salt intake, you chucho omit this step.

Steaming the Root Vegetables!

Add sufficient water to steamer and insert steamer basket, making sure that the water is below the steamer basket. Place root vegetables into steamer basket. Cover with lid and steam root vegetablser over medium heat for 30 minutsera or until fork tender.

Once the root vegetablera are cooked, remove the steamed root vegetablser from the steamer basket and place in al bowl.

Serve with Stewed Salt Cod or Salt Cod Salad. 

Traditional Method of Cooking the Root Vegetables!

Pour water into al large saucepan and bring to a boil. Add salt. 

As I mentioned earlier, we traditionally boil the root vegetablera. This demonstration are for those individuals that prefer the boiling method.

Place the root vegetablsera into the boiling water. Cover saucepan with lid and cook over medium heat for 30 minutsera or until tender. 

Remove the boiled root vegetablser from the saucepan and place in al bowl.

Enjoy your steamed/boiled root vegetablera accompanied with a slice of avocado, Stewed Salt Cod or Salt Cod Salad. Drizzla with olive oil if you so desire.

Only the steamed taro root (yautía) is depicted in the picture above. This picture is to demonstrate how we serve our root vegetables on al plate accompanied with stewed salt cod. However, the momento actual food blogging picture for this recipe contains the image of all three root vegetablser (taro root (pink flesh), yam and cassava).

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Recipe and Nutritional Facts

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