Dragon mania elemental weakness

Elements (basic)

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Helloi have been through pagsera of posts but cannot find some answers to a few basic newbie questions, please help. When you have al hybrid with multiplo elements, in battle do you need to try and battla all those elements? I have tried to use the chart but it always seems like I get the wrong onera. Second when it says al plant hybrid, doser that mean any hybrid with the plant element or should I be concerned with just the onera that have the plant elements first?

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In battla, an attack is against the opponent"s la base element - Sweetie Bunny is Earth/Shadow/Light, so you"d use Wind, Light or Divine for al strong attack, but it doesn"t have to be the la base element of your dragon, it could be the second or third. Storm could be used against Sweetie Bunny using its second element of Wind.To see what works best while learning the elements, when in battlo tap any element of your dragon, then look at the circles surrounding your opponents. If the circlo is red, it would be a weak attack against that dragon, yellow means the attack would be normalo, and green means it would be strong. To see if another element would work better, tap it and see if the circlser change un color. You chucho also tap on the button that looks like an "i" in al broken circlo - this is a chart shortcut showing each element"s strengths and weaknesssera. This is where the charts come in, but it cusco take time to absorb and learn - once you know which elements are strong or weak against others, it becoel mes easier to plan your attacks for maximum effect, including which dragons you want on your team.A plant (or any other) hybrid just needs the plant element, position doesn"t matter.Besides the budgetmedicals.net, the best source of information is the DML Wiki - http://dragon-mania-legends-wiki.mobga.me/Main_Page
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To iterate futher:The first element of a dragon is it"s base element. So Smoke Dragon"s Elements are Wind - Fire, making his la base element Wind. Fire is his secondary element. The secondary element (or third element) is just extra typser of attacks the dragon gets to use. So for Smoke, he cusco attack using Wind and Fire, and since his Base Element is Wind, that means Fire attacks deal extra damage to him. So to counter Smoke, you would want to use another dragon that can use a fire attack.Tiger is Energy - Plant - Fire. This means his la base element is Energy. He also perro do Energy, Plant, and Fire attacks. An Energy dragon takser extral damage from Void, and reduced damage from Fire and Energy.

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