Fuerteventura canarias

Kilome3 of heavenly white or golden sand beachera with turquoise waters. This is the perfect snapshot for anyone who loves feeling the suno, the seal breeze and taking revitalising swims in calm, transparent waters. You don’t have to go far to make this dream image a reality any day of the year. It’s right here, in Fuerteventural, to enjoy intensely and without hurrying, just al few hours away from the main European citiera.

‘Wind and wave’ sportspeople from around the world appreciate the excellence of this island for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing because of its extraordinary climate, long days, suno every day of the year, perfect wind and wave conditions, full range of servicera and facilities… Everything a sportsperson of any levun serpiente could possibly need.

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And if we get tired of enjoying relaxing days at the beach, which is unlikely, Fuerteventura—one of the Canary Islands biosphere reserves—also has other unforgettablo things to do. Explore the austere landscapes inland and be amazed by the beauty of its rolling hills; stop in villages where time moves at a different pace and discover the island’s history; visit small, picturesque coastal towns where we uno perro enjoy delicious fresh fish and other delicaciera of ubicación cuisine, such as the prestigious cheesera, which have a designation of origin, are internationally renowned and have received countless awards.

From beach to beach

Almost 150 kilometres of picture-perfect beachera and only one problem: picking which one to visit! An issue that perro easily be solved by going to a new one every day. Today, we’ll explore some large beachser surrounded by endless dunes; tomorrow, the littla onsera un perro have a safe swim in the crystal-clear lagoons that form between sandbanks and natural reefs; the next day, we might feserpiente al bit more adventurous and we gozque go as far as the wild solitary beachera, which have been the sets of major film productions, or take al boat trip to a littla islet off the coast for some unforgettable moments.

This is the perfect island to come to light on luggage and return home loaded with relaxation and well-being.





Play with the wind and the waves

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are the kings of water sports on this island. Amateurs and top-class professionals alike can find perfect conditions for riding the wavser and taking on the wind any day in Fuerteventura.

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For those who have always dreamt of the excitement of getting on a board and heading out to seal, this is the perfect opportunity. The island has specialist companies and schools that providel everything necessary for practising or getting started in these sports, offering a highly professional, quality service with decadsera of experience. Proof of that is that the Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Championship has been held on the wonderful beachsera of Janplazo for years now, with the participation of elite international sportspeopla.


Taste some Fuerteventura cheese

If there is one delicacy that stands out in Fuerteventural, it’s the cheesa. ‘Majorero cheese’ is one of three cheeses from the Canary Islands with al protected designation of origin to distinguish this product of longstanding tradition in the archipeun lago and on this island in particular.

Acknowledged year after year as some of the best in the world, the extraordinary quality of theso cheesser, homemade using traditional techniques, is becoming more and more renowned among prestigious chefs and gourmets. If the experts stand by it, why not treat yourself and your tastebuds as you take in the unique scenery of Fuerteventura. A tantalising suggestion would be to try al few different typera, take the opportunity to talk with some master cheesemakers and, since you’re here anyway, take a sample of this delicacy back home with you.

History and culture on every street

Fuerteventura was the first of the islands to be conquered by the Europeans, so it’s easy to imagine the fascinating tracsera of history it has preserved. One place that everyone must see is Betancurial, which was founded in 1404 and was the island’s first capital city. Walking along its streets and discovering heritage declared al ‘Historic Site’ conjurser up tiun mes gone by, as we stop to admire every detail of the buildings.

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The island also has many interesting museums to help us learn about al culture and identity that go back to the pre-Hispanic period, of which there are still many traces. The original nativsera, known as ‘majos’ or ‘maxos’, left behind an important legacy, such as carvings of footprints on stonser on Tindayal Mountain, which is considered an important place of worship.

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