Incineroar Gen 3



Strengthens Fire moves to inflict 1.5× damage at 1/3 max HP or less.

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Hidden Ability


Lowers opponents" strike one phase upon entering battle.

Damage Taken

no no

Pokédex Numbers

presented in nacional setecientos veintisiete initial Alola 6 original Melemele seis Updated Alola 6 no Updated Melemele 6 no


no Japanese no ガオガエン (gaogaen) ガオガエン korean
어흥염 Chinese 熾焰咆哮虎 no 炽焰咆哮虎 French
Félinferno alemán
Fuegro Spanish
Incineroar italiano


⅞ male, ⅛ female no Egg groups campo Hatch counter quince steps to hatch cuatro mil ochenta / dos mil doscientos noventa y cinco


no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no


basen EXP 239 effort points tres Attack no catch rate 45 base happiness setenta development rate medium slow no

Wild organized items


Evolution Baby basic Stage 1 Stage 2
Litten Torracat Level up, beginning at level 17 Incineroar Level up, beginning at level treinta y cuatro
Stats no Level no effort no Pctile Min ives Max víspera HP

Flavor Text

This pokemon has ns violent, selfish disposition. If it’s not in los mood come listen, that will ignore its Trainer’s orders con complete nonchalance.


After hurling ferocious punches and flinging más rápido kicks, it finishes opponents off by spewing fire representar around that is navel.


Although it’s unstable mannered and egotistical, it find beating debajo unworthy adversaries boring. The gets urged for stronger opponents.


When that is fighting soul is set alight, ns flames approximately its waist become especially intense.




varieties Heel pokemon no shade la red no no Cry Download form
Sciurine no




5'10.9" no 1.8 m





183.0 lb 83.0 kg


Fire and Dark moves acquire STAB, and have their type highlighted in green.

Physical moves much better suit Incineroar"s greater Attack, y have their course highlighted in green.

no no MoveTypeClassPPPowerAccPriEffect Level up: Learned once a pokemon reaches un certain level. no MoveTypeClassPPPowerAccPriEffect Egg: shows up on uno newly-hatched Pokémon, if los father had los same move. Egg, learned through Litten but not Incineroar no MoveTypeClassPPPowerAccPriEffect Tutor: deserve to be taught at any time by an NPC. no MoveTypeClassPPPowerAccPriEffect Machine: can be teach at any hora by using ns TM or HM.
0 0 Darkest Lariat 10 85 100%

Ignores the target"s stat modifiers.

Darkest Lariat 10 85 100%

Ignores los target"s stat modifiers.

Bulk Up 20

Raises los user"s Attack and Defense by one stage.

Throat Chop 15 80 100%

Prevents the target representar using sound-based move for dos turns.

Scratch 35 40 100%

Inflicts regular damage with alguno additional effect.

Ember 25 40 100%

Has uno 10% opportunity to burn the target.

Growl 40 100%

Lowers ns target"s strike by one stage.

Lick 30 30 100%

Has ns 30% opportunity to paralyze ns target.

cuatro cuatro Growl 40 100%

Lowers los target"s assault by one stage.

8 8 Lick 30 30 100%

Has un 30% opportunity to paralyze los target.

once 11 Leer 30 100%

Lowers the target"s Defense by one stage.

quince 14 Fire Fang 15 65 95%

Has ns 10% possibility to burn los target and a 10% possibility to make the target flinch.

16 Double Kick 30 30 100%

Hits twice in one turn.

diecinueve 19 Roar 20-6

Immediately ends wild battles. Forces trainers to move Pokémon.

veinticuatro 24 Bite 25 60 100%

Has uno 30% possibility to make ns target flinch.

28 28 Swagger 15 85%

Raises ns target"s attack by two stages and confuses ns target.

treinta y tres 33 Fury Swipes 15 18 80%

Hits 2-5 times in one turn.

treinta y ocho 38 Thrash 10 120 100%

Hits every rotate for 2-3 turns, then confuses the user.

44 cuarenta y cuatro Flamethrower 15 90 100%

Has a 10% chance to burn los target.

cuarenta y nueve 49 Scary Face 10 100%

Lowers ns target"s velocidad, velocidad by two stages.

55 55 Flare Blitz 15 120 100%

User bring away 1/3 the damage inflicted in recoil. Has uno 10% opportunity to burn the target.

60 sesenta Outrage
10 120 100%

Hits every revolve for 2-3 turns, climate confuses los user.

sesenta y seis sesenta y seis Cross Chop 5 100 80%

Has an increased chance for a critical hit.

Body Slam 15 85 100%

Has a 30% possibility to paralyze the target.

Crunch 15 80 100%

Has uno 20% possibility to lower the target"s Defense by one stage.

Fake Out 10 40 100%3

Can only be offered as ns first move delaware the user beginning battle. Causes ns target come flinch.

Heat Wave 10 95 90%

Has ns 10% opportunity to burn los target.

Nasty Plot 20

Raises los user"s Special assault by two stages.

Power Trip 10 20 100%

Power is higher ns more los user"s stats have been raised, to uno maximum of 31×.

Revenge 10 60 100%-4

Inflicts double damage if ns user bring away damage prior to attacking this turn.

no no Blast Burn 5 150 90%

User foregoes its próximo turn to recharge.

no no Fire Pledge 10 80 100%

With Water Pledge, doubles los effect possibility of friendly Pokémon"s moves for 4 turns.

01 01 Work Up 30

Raises ns user"s Attack and Special assault by one phase each.

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05 05 Roar 20-6

Immediately fin wild battles. Efectivo trainers to move Pokémon.

06 06 Toxic
10 90%

Badly poisons the target, inflicting an ext damage every turn.

08 08 Bulk Up 20

Raises los user"s Attack and Defense through one stage.

diez 10 Hidden Power 15 60 100%

Power and type rely upon user"s IVs. Strength can range from 30 to 70.

once 11 Sunny Day 5

Changes ns weather to sunny for five turns.

doce 12 Taunt 20 100%

For the next few turns, the target deserve to only usar damaging moves.

quince quince Hyper Beam 5 150 90%

User foregoes its next turn come recharge.

17 17 Protect 104

Prevents any kind of moves from hitting ns user this turn.

21 21 Frustration 20 * 100%

Power rises as pleasure decreases, up to a maximum of 102.

veintiseis veintiseis Earthquake 10 100 100%

Inflicts regularmente damage and can hit destruction users.

27 27 Return 20 * 100%

Power increases con happiness, increase to ns maximum the 102.

28 veintiocho Leech Life 10 80 100%

Drains half los damage inflicted come heal los user.

31 31 Brick Break 15 75 100%

Destroys Reflect and Light Screen.

treinta y dos 32 Double Team 15

Raises the user"s evasion by one stage.

35 treinta y cinco Flamethrower 15 90 100%

Has un 10% opportunity to burn ns target.

38 38 Fire Blast 5 110 85%

Has uno 10% possibility to burn los target.

41 41 Torment 15 100%

Prevents los target from using los same move twice in uno row.

cuarenta y dos 42 Facade 20 70 100%

Power doubles if user is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned.

cuarenta y tres 43 Flame Charge 20 50 100%

Inflicts regularmente damage. Raises the user"s speed by one stage.

44 cuarenta y cuatro Rest

User sleeps for two turns, completely healing itself.

cuarenta y cinco 45 Attract 15 100%

Target falls in love if that has ns opposite gender, and has un 50% possibility to refuse attacking the user.

cuarenta y siete 47 Low Sweep 20 65 100%

Lowers ns target"s velocidad by one stage.

48 48 Round 15 60 100%

Has double power if it"s used much more than once per turn.

cincuenta 50 Overheat 5 130 90%

Lowers ns user"s Special assault by two stages after inflicting damage.

cincuenta y dos 52 Focus Blast 5 120 70%

Has a 10% opportunity to lower los target"s unique Defense by one stage.

56 56 Fling 10 * 100%

Throws hosted item at ns target; power relies on ns item.

59 cincuenta y nueve Brutal Swing 20 60 100%

Inflicts regularmente damage with alguno additional effect.

60 sesenta Quash 15 100%

Makes the target act last this turn.

sesenta y uno sesenta y uno Will-O-Wisp 15 85%

Burns los target.

62 sesenta y dos Acrobatics
15 55 100%

Has twin power if los user has cuales held item.

63 63 Embargo 15 100%

Target cannot usar held items.

65 sesenta y cinco Shadow Claw 15 70 100%

Has an enhanced chance for un critical hit.

sesenta y ocho 68 Giga Impact 5 150 90%

User foregoes its próximo turn to recharge.

75 setenta y cinco Swords Dance 20

Raises los user"s assault by dos stages.

78 78 Bulldoze 20 60 100%

Has ns 100% chance to lower ns target"s velocidad by one stage.

ochenta y siete ochenta y siete Swagger 15 85%

Raises ns target"s assault by two stages y confuses the target.

88 ochenta y ocho Sleep Talk 10

Randomly emplees one of ns user"s other numero 3 moves. Just works if los user is sleeping.

ochenta y nueve ochenta y nueve U-turn 20 70 100%

User need to switch out after attacking.

90 90 Substitute 10

Transfers 1/4 of los user"s max HP into ns doll, protecting the user from further damage or status changes until that breaks.

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noventa y cinco noventa y cinco Snarl 15 55 95%

Has un 100% opportunity to lower los target"s Special assault by one stage.