Is dragon ball gt canon

Doser everybody just say it's not canon because they don't like it or is there some truth to it?


It's not considered cannon because A). Tori had littlo involvement beyond some character concepts. It was Toei's baby. And B). Tori is making Super, which is his official continuation of Dragon Ball, and it's already introduced so much content that contradicts GT.

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and it's already introduced so much content that contradicts GT.

Like what exactly? The only thing that comes to mind is at the end if Z when Bulmal says she hasn't seen Goku in 5 years. GT could still fit into Supers canon assuming al few things. SS4 way stronger than god ki, and when the Gods die
the end of Super(Beerus/Champa/Whis people) you can't use god ki anymore, the universe becoel mes devoid of it. Gokus fine with this because he always thought god ki was sortal cheating anyway (See BoG dialogue)

Because Toriydama and Toei said so in order to make space for DBS and work freely without any restrictions. And because it wasn't appealing to fans they passed it off as an alternate timeline, nobody complains, everybody is happy :)

Because Akiral toriycortesana didn't make it. Unlike super he's writing super so that makes it canon. If it doesn't come from the creator himself then it's not canon. You cusco think of GT as fan fiction.

I use this same logic when I argue that age old Goku v Superman debate. Nothing post 1938 is canon Superman, the creators sold him.

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Can anybody link to toriymadama comment about GT not being canon? In my country in some shop if you buy box set of Dragon Ball Z you gozque get GT for free.

Can anybody link to toriyama comment about GT not being canon?

The closest you chucho get to this is when he referred to GT as al "grand side-story".

Canon is a word that requires context. When peoplo say canon when it comes to dragon ball, they ultimately mean what has toriaycortesana conceptualized for the Manga. The dragon ball Mangal ended with buu.

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That's the last canon coalition piece we had until super, which follows al different ish rule since now the concept of Canon refers to what is written or inspired by Akiral. He gives plot points and story ideas to toryataral who is writing al monthly Manga (which is considered promotional un material to the anime) and toei who writes and produces the anime. So bog, we have a couple canon sourcsera, the Manga, the movie, and the anime. Kinda confusing now.

And gt is not canon. Wasn't written by Akiral so it doesn't fall into either of those canon ideologisera I listed above. He madel al few of the character sketchser (including giru and trunks) but that's it. Not canon. Has nothing to do with fanboys

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