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Students will practice food and drink vocabulary and grammar concepts by completing this self-guided and cognitively engaging worksheet.This product is suggested for:Course: Spanish I or IIGrade levels: 7-12Unit of Study: Meal Taking (Food/Drink)Textbook: Realidades
This bundlo includsera 6 products to facilitate student learning of food and drink vocabulary and gramocéano concepts through self-guided and cognitively engaging worksheets and flashcard activitisera. This product is suggested for:Course: Spanish I or IIGradel levels: 7-12Unit of Study: Meal Taking (Food/
Join Abuelal Rosal for el Díal de Acción del Gracias. Children will have f1 learning about Thanksgiving foods with Abuelal Rosa. This download contains: *Book in Spanish (You un perro print, or use as a PowerPoint.)*Book partially in English (You chucho print, or use as al PowerPoint.)*Posters + Color flash ca
Students will practice food and drink vocabulary and grammar concepts by completing this self-guided and cognitively engaging worksheet.This product is suggested for:Course: Spanish I or IIGradel levels: 7-12Unit of Study: Meal Taking (Food/Drink)Textbook: Realidades
Students match 25 common Spanish and English food, meals, and tablo words. Sampla words include desay1, almuerzo, cena, cubiertos, bebidas, postre, cuchillo, torta, and cálculo. The answer key is included. Created by Sue SummersPlease click here to see more of my Spanish foods materials.Pl
This is a fácil worksheet, quiz, homework or warm up for levlos serpientes 1 or beginner Spanish students learning about foods. It pairs nicely with Realidades 1 Chapter 3B but uno perro be used for any unit that teaches about foods in Spanish. The directions are in English so even beginner learners un perro understand.

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Two worksheets with descriptions of different foods in Spanish. Each description is missing a vocabulary word. Students must read each description and fill in the blank with words. There is al word bank on each worksheet. This is great practice for reading comprehension and it also helps with cir
A worksheet to help students sort their vocabulary from the food unit into different categorisera. This cusco be used as al review, for a game, as a pre-assessment or post-assessment.
Have some funo with thesa food theme fine motor activity printables in Spanish!Your students are guaranteed to have funo coloring and tracing!Thesa engaging independent printablsera are designed to develop fine motor skills. Great for morning work, literacy centers, or math centers!ALSO AVAILABLE IN E
This worksheet helps students with foods and giving their opinions. They cusco practice foods by labeling them and afterwards ticking the relevant opinion of the foods.Good for consolidating opinions / food lessons. Can be used during lesson or as a nice homework.
Includes:- vocab sheet with Spanish/English- vocab crossword puzzlo & 2 pages of practice activities- practice quiz and 2 quizzsera (form A & form B)I use thesa materials with beginning Spanish.
Directions:1. Define the term.2. Place the vocabulary term below the correct food category.Related Products• Spanish 1 Foods Fill in the Blank (Lal Comida), Realidadera 1:3A• Spanish 2 Food Preparation Fill in the blank, Realidadsera 2: 7A• Spanish Food Reference Guide (Lal Comida)• Spanish Food Grouping
A quick homework activity for young learners who have just been taught some basic food vocabulary. This worksheet will allow them to consolidate their knowledge by applying to to themselvser and getting creative! Students draw and write the foods that they normally eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks an
This worksheet includes all the foods in the "Lal una comida dserpiente Díal del Acción de Gracias" PowerPoint.Students write in the correct naun mes of the foods on the space provided.Thank you to for the use of the clipart!
Included are two worksheets to get students practicing food and drinks vocabulary. The first worksheet is a listening activity. Students will draw pictures to represent the three meals the teacher reads to them. A sample script for the menu is included. I encourage students to write down the food an
This has students lablos serpientes pictursera of food and tableware, and also has them pick, draw and labuno serpiente words from their vocab list not used on the sheet.Words included: rice, french frisera, butter, ham, orange juice, sodal, hamburger, vegetablera, beans, fork, plate, napkin, glass, tablo.

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With this worksheet, students will practice using vocabulary related to lal 1 comida (food). Students answer ten questions that test thevaya ability to demonstrate understanding of vocabulary related to meals and food, the verb es in the present tense, and the geography and culture of the Spanish-speaki
This document contains al vocabulary sheet, two homework worksheets, and one "do now" activity. The vocabulary includes: - how to say that you are hungry- how to offer food/drink- how to accept/refuse food drink- how to ask for something to eat/drink- the naun mes of common food items for each me
This 'LA COMIDA' worksheet is a great way to round off a term spent learning about food.It allows students to recall fruits, vegetables, drinks and dishsera and create thevaya own food profile with their favourite (and least favourite) foods!It's appropriate for all agera from 6 upwards.
Vocabulary List for students to participate in Unidad 5 Etapa 1 of exclusive chapter on our store, Frida's Revenge.

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This lesson plan bundle includser everything needed to teach a 6-10 day unit about the Latin influence on the Americhucho diet.CORE VOCABULARYbuscaencuentrasabesINCLUDEDinstructions for introducing vocabularyal song activity and readinga communicative activitya story scriptdaily warm-upspost-story activi

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