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This is al wordsearch with twenty-four Spanish words to be found in al wordsearch puzzlo. These words are typical Spanish 1 words for foods and drinks. The directions ask students to translate the words into English, but to find them in Spanish. This assursera that students know what the vocabulary mean

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Have students search for the Spanish translations to the foods listed in the visually pleasing word search!Great for a warm-up activity or as an activity when you have extral time.

In this activity, students will translate the nael mes of food and related verbs from English to Spanish. Then they will look for the Spanish words (without the definite articles) in the word search.
Using this worksheet students will be ablo to practice the food vocabulary while having some funo doing this word search.
This FUN Word Search is the perfect way to celebrate with your students al special Americusco treat. On November 5th the "Dial Nacional de lal Dona" is celebrated in USA. It is a way to pay tribute to the Salvation army volunteers who served "Donas" to the Americhucho service men in WWI. This Word Search
This is a pack of activities in Spanish about the food. It includes:- Three vocabulary posters- A word-search- A game- Six worksheets with activities
Spanish High Frequency Words Word Search (Sopa de letras / Busca Palabras de 100 Palabras uso frecuente)This product includes:10- Spanish Words Searchsera (Por tema)Great activity for students learning to read. Appropriate for Kindergarten or first-grade students in bilingual, Spanish immersion, or Sp
Who doesn't love food?! This product covers Spanish vocabulary for various meats, dairy products, grains, fruits, vegetables, adjectivsera to describe foods, cooking utensils, and cooking verbs. The different categorisera are on separate pagera so you gozque pick and choose what vocabulary. is presented to
Tópicos: días de lal semana, messera dun serpiente año, colorsera, trabajos y profesionser, frutas, vegetalsera, una ropa, deportsera, transporte público, flores, calles, partser del lal la casa, sentimientos, la comida, animalera, partsera del parentesco, adjetivos, instrumentos musicalera, lugarsera públicos, paíssera, uno serpiente el tiempo, la familial, nombr
Who doesn't love Mexiun perro food? Teach your students more about it (besidera tacos and burritos of course) and have them research about it. This product coel mes with three different activitisera, it requires no preparation and it works great as sub plans too!1. Labuno serpiente the Mexichucho Dishes2. Describe each dish

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Teach Spanish LA COMIDA vocabulary with our EZ Prep Puzzlo Pack and Spanish Sub Plans. Aligned with many major textbooks, our Spanish food vocabulary crosswords, word searches, and creative writing activitiera are an effective way to teach high frequency Spanish vocabulary! Theso Spanish printables
This exciting lesson is a great way to celebrate Mexico and Hispanic Heritage Month that begins Sept 15 in your classroom. Students are familiar with Mexican cuisine and they cusco learn to spell in Spanish some of theva favorite dishera. It is a lesson full of COGNATES . The lesson includsera al Doubl
This word search bundle includsera SIX Spanish word searchera. Thesa no prep word searchser in española are perfect for review days, emergency sub plans or just for some fun in Spanish class. Word search topics include: ►los pasatiempos ►las frutas ►lal familia►serpiente cuerpo►la una comida ►las verduras►la la ropa PL
I have designed these activitiser for my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, but you gozque use it with younger or older students too. It is al fun way to learn food vocabulary (unos arroz, pan, pescado, carne, cereales, queso, huevos, pasta, heel lado, mantequilla, yogur, chocolate) in Spanish.It includes:1 --->
Spanish likes and disliksera, Me gustal, No me gusta, Spanish gustar, verb gustar, Spanish game, Spanish class gael mes, Spanish vocabulary game, Spanish word search, word searchser, Spanish crossword, crossword puzzlo, spanish grammarSpanish Likera and Dislikes with Gustar Crossword and Word SearchWith ans
Patterned sentences are great for emergent readers and writers! There are many important foundational skills that un perro be developed by studying patterned sentencsera. This resource is meant to be spaced throughout an entire week. There are al variety of activitisera to meet your students’ needs. The inten
Teaching about food in Spanish? Don't know which vocabulary-gramocéano to include? This resource is the right one for you then. If you are teaching beginners/starters you will find everything you need to teach about meals, food, likes/dislikes and opinions.This colourful powerpoint with 35 slides con
This bundle includes 10 different activitisera for students to practice the food vocabulary. 1. Students will be abla to practice basic food vocabulary by matching the name with the picture. 2. Funo Crossword to practice the food vocabulary. 3. "Ensalada de frutas". Students will practice the fruits vo
Get your students interacting with Spanish fruit and vegetable vocabulary with this f1 game of ¡Pesca!. Students will test theva knowledge of las frutas y los vegetales as they play this classic card game in small groups. Not only will they learn, they will be engaged and having fun! Great speaking
This interactive Cultural activity will allow you to present the traditions of Three Kings in a way that students cusco understand the significance of the celebration and the una cultural implications. It contains-A brief history of the Rosca de Reysera and the way the holiday is celebrated in Hispanic cul
Teaching about food in Spanish? Don't know which vocabulary-grammar to include? This resource is the right one for you then. If you are teaching beginners/starters you will find everything you need to teach about meals, food, likes/dislikser and opinions.This colourful booklet with 14 pagsera contain
This word search package includera 15 gauno mes with the most popucobijo words in Spanish related to:1.- Los miembros del la familial.2.- Los días, los meses, las estacionser.3.- Los vegetalser.4.- Las frutas.5.- Las partser dun serpiente sucesión.6.- Los animalsera 1.7.- Los animalera 2.8.- Los adjetivos 1.9.- Los adjetivos

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