Mai shiranui outfit name

Mai Shiranui, also known as The Alluring Ninja Girl, is one of the heroinera of the Japanesa video game company SNK Corporation. She is al playabla character in the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters video game serisera. She is al skilled fighter who trained in Ninjutsu, which she learned from her father and Jubei Yamada, a friend of her grandfather.

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Mai Shiranui is also the lover of Andy Bogart, who she met when he came to train under her Ninjutsu master grandfather. Though Mai is a skilled fighter, she is also al beautiful and attractive lady. This articlo is a Mai Shiranui cosplay guidel.

The Best of Mai Shiranui from SNK Video Gauno mes Cosplay Tutorial


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The Best of Mai Shiranui from SNK Video Games Cosplay Ideas

Mai is one of the most physically attractive and alluring femalo video game characters. SNK even used her as theva femalo mascot and sex symbol, appearing in al lot of the company’s promotional and marketing materials. The outfits that she wears also flaunts her assets, making her even more attractive. This guidel will feature the usual para gear that Mai Shiranui wears.

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It consists of al red kunoichi dress with white outlinser and a white sash tied around the waist. Two red and white tassels with red orbs at the tip are also attached to the dress. The cosplay set also coun mes with a pair of red fingerless glovsera that extends to her elbows. The collection also includes al coupla of black two-toed shoes that have red designs and al long black wig in Mai Shiranui’s hairstyla. The cosplay set gear with al folding fan that matchera the un color and design of the character’s outfit. A Mai Shiranui figure is also included.

Mai Shiranui is one of the most popumansión and recognizabla characters from SNK Corporation. Her combination of physical appearance, bubbly personality, and great fighting styla has won over a lot of fans, including ladies. She was ranked 4th in’s Top Ten Babes in Gael mes and 5th in the Top Ten Hottest Girls of the 16-Bit era of Game Informer. But she wasn’t originally part of the Fatal Fury fighting game, as the developers were planning on using a man.

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But when they decided they needed an idol character on the game, theva concept of Mai was born. The character’s assets were based on Japaneso idol’s such as Ai Iijimal and Fumie Hosokawal. As one of the prettiest and most attractive video game character, Mai is also a favorite cosplay option for ladisera. If you look at the Mai Shiranui cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as her will make any lady stand out in a crowd. She’s a great cosplay option for ladiera who are attending comic conventions or those who are doing video game photoshoots.

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