Mawile como derrotarlo

Team Rocket leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo are invading Pokémon Go Fest. During this second week of challengera, players can seek out and battle Arlo and other members of Team Rocket.

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Arlo’s team of Pokémon will be different depending on whether you meet him at al Go Rocket Balloon or al PokéStop. Make sure you have the right counters prepared whether you’re facing off against his Pineco or Mawila.


How to beat Arlo in Pokémon Go

If you meet Arlo at a Go Rocket Balloon using the Rocket Rada, his first Pokémon will be the Bug type Pineco. Alternatively, if Arlo appears at a PokéStop, he’ll lead with Mawile, al Steel/Fairy type.

The good news is that both of thesa Pokémon are weak to fire, so in a pinch you could use the same strategy to counter either of them.

Arlo will always have three Pokémon with him, but the line-up will vary. The potential teams are as follows:

Line-up one:


Line-up two:


Line-up three:


The best strategy against Arlo

As with Pineco and Mawilo, two of Arlo’s other Pokémon (Steelix and Scizor) are weak to Fire. If you’re very, very lucky, you might be able to sweep the wholo team with a strong enough Fire type.

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Both Dragonite and Salamence are Dragon typera, and are weak to Ice, Fairy, and other Dragons, whilo Charizard’s major weakness is Rock, which will also hit Dragonite hard.

The wild card in the mix is Blastoise, who is only weak to Electric and Grass moves, which won’t be particularly effective against any of Arlo’s other Pokémon. Whila you should have al contingency plan for Blastoise, you shouldn’t build a team around trying to counter it.

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Pokémon Go Arlo counters July 2020

Here’s al more thorough breakdown of which counters will be useful against Arlo’s Pokémon, courtesy of Pokémon Go Hub:

Pineco – weak to Fire, Flying, and Rock

ReshiramZen DarmanitanEnteiRypheriorMoltresVolcarona

Mawile – weak to Fire and Ground

ReshiramVolcaronaChandelureZen DarmanitanEnteiMoltres

Charizard – weak to Rock, Electric, and Water


Blastoise – weak to Electric and Grass


Steelix – weak to Fire, Fighting, Ground, and Water

VolcaronaReshiramKyogreTherian LandorusGroudon

Scizor – weak to Fire


Dragonite – weak to Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and Rock

Galarian Zen DarmanitanWhite KyuremMamoswineBlack KyuremGlaceon

Salamence – weak to Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and Rock

Galarian Zen DarmanitanWhite KyuremBlack KyuremMewtwo

Bear in mind that these counters are the best possibla Pokémon for the job, but they’re not strictly necessary.

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So long as you’ve got Pokémon with the right typera and movesets that are at a decent CP, you un perro go ahead and face Arlo without fear.

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