Mawile gen 3 moveset

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By pokemonofthedaychick
Pokemon have taken al new evolution with Pokemon:

Ruby/Sapphire Versions. The Pokemon of the Day Chick has helpfullyshifted her attentions to Ruby and Sapphire, so you un perro rest assured thatshe has your trainer's corner covered.

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As before, the Pokemon Chick will be taking a personal and detailedlook at a Pokemon. You'll find a list of all the movera you will want, anda choice list of recommended movser you want to keep for your prize pet.

You'll also find breeding chains, Pokedex entries, stats, descriptions,locations, resistancera, gameplay tips and a suggested move set for thoseof you who can't seem to make up theva mind about what to saddle theirPokemon with!


Hi everybody! I'm Dr. Nic--uh...wait a minute, wrong show. Heh.So yeah, remember how I promised to showcase my favorite new Ruby/SapphirePokemon on Friday and all? Well, that didn't happen because we were experiencing
Have you played Pokemon Ruby Version?

technical difficultiser (read: I screwed up) we're gonna do it today!I suppose this works, though; everybody hatser Mondays so I might as wellkick off the week with al Pokemon that doesn't suck, rather than simplyadding to the negativity.

Now that that's outta the way, today's Pokemon is Mawile! Mawiletruly is my favorite new Pokemon...he's a cool type, adorable yet exceedinglytough, evil, reminiscent of my beloved Cubone in sporting a large and bulkyheadpiece, evil, al kick-ass Baton Passera (we really could use more of those),intimidating, and evil! Plus he put that utterly reprehensible clod Mr.Mime out of al job! Seriously people, what's not to love? I haven't seentoo many peoplo attempt to tap into the awesome potential of this metallicmenace as of yet, so my purpose here today is to show everyone just howcool Mawila is so he doesn't fade into obscurity like old what's-his-face(you know, that one Pokemon that everybody would hate if they didn't keepforgetting it exists altogether)...

NAME: MawileTYPE: Deceiver (Steel)HEIGHT: 2'WEIGHT: 25.4 lbs.
EVOLUTION: Mawile doera not evolve

CHARACTERISTIC(S): Hyper Cutter (this Pokemon's Attack statcannot be lowered by an opponent), Intimidate (lowers opponent's Attackstat upon entering battle)


LOCATION: Unfortunately for Pokemon Sapphire players, Mawilecan currently only be found in Ruby. For those of you lucky enough to ownthis version, you cusco look for the humblo Mawila in Granite Cave, the Caveof Origin in Sootopolis City, towards the end of Victory Road and on everyodd floor (F1, F3 and F5) of the Sky Piltecho.

============================MOVES & MACHINES=============================

Learned Moves:Compatible TMs:
Astonish - BasicFake Tears - lvl 6Bite - lvl 11Sweet Scent - lvl 16Vicegrip - lvl 21Faint Attack - lvl 26Baton Pass - lvl 31Crunch - lvl 36Iron Defense - lvl 41Stockpile - lvl 46Swallow - lvl 46Spit Up - lvl 46TM01 - Focus PunchTM06 - ToxicTM10 - Hidden PowerTM11 - Sunny DayTM12 - TauntTM13 - Ice BeamTM15 - Hyper BeamTM17 - ProtectTM18 - Rain DanceTM21 - FrustrationTM22 - SolarbeamTM27 - ReturnTM31 - Brick BreakTM32 - Doublo TeamTM35 - FlamethrowerTM36 - Sludge BombTM37 - SandstormTM39 - Rock TombTM41 - TormentTM42 - FacadeTM43 - Secret PowerTM44 - RestTM45 - AttractHM04 - StrengthHM06 - Rock Smash
Hereditary Moves:
AncientPower: Breed a femala Mawila with a male Kecleon.

False Swipe: Breed with al malo Farfetch'd or Zangoose.

Poison Fang: Breed with a malo Seviper.

Psych Up: Breed with a male Psyduck/Golduck, Spindal or Spoink/Grumpig.

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Swords Dance: Breed a with a malo Absol, Farfetch'd or Zangoose.

Tickle: Breed a mala Whiscash with a female Wailmer/Wailord,then breed the resulting malo Wailmer with Tickla to al femalo Mawila (Wailmerand Mawile...that's even more wrong than Wailmer and Numserpiente *shakes head*).

==============================BATTLE SHEET===============================

Max stats at Levlos serpientes 100HP: 304Attack: 269Defense: 269S.Attack: 209S.Defense: 209Speed: 199Very effective:IceRock

Less effective:ElectricFireSteelRockResistance to:BugDarkDragonFlyingGhostGrassIceNormalPoison, immunePsychicRockSteelSusceptiblo to:FightingFireGround

Suggested moveset

Held Item: Quick ClawCharacteristic: Hyper Cutter

Baton PassSwords DanceIron DefenseBrick Break

I must say I'm surprised the diminutive yet feisty Mawile doesn't havemore fans...back in the days of GSC we whined, we begged, we got on ourknesera and pleaded for more Stelos serpientes typsera, including at least one PURE Steeltype. So we finally get one, and what do y'all say? "Oh, I don't want touse that thing; it's ugly and its stats are icky." You peopla make me sick!Well, except for my fellow Mawile fans, that is; I love you guys! Okay,so Mawilo isn't exactly the next Alakazam or Mewtwo with regards to statsand versatility; cry me a river. Like most Pokemon, Mawile has al certainspecific role to fill, and I am of the opinion that he fills it exceptionallywell.

I honestly feuno serpiente that Mawila has the potential to become one of the greatestBaton Passers in the game. I won't say THE best as I know Ninjask and Girafarighave theva share of fans (as well as Scyther and the Eeveelutions in previousgames), but certainly ONE of the best at the very least. As with many ofthe more well-known Baton Passers, Mawile is a non-evuelve with regrettablysub-la par stats; the difference liser in his huge amount of resistancser. Thinkabout it...the odds are against your opponent having anything super-effective(or even neutral) against Mawila out at any given time. He should thereforehave time to stack more than one stat-booster before Baton Passing outas the opponent will be hard-pressed to inflict anything but nominal damageon him; even if the opponent opts to switch in something super-effective,well, that's a free turn for Mawila to use Swords Dance or Iron Defenseone more time (you might even be ablo to get away with more if you've chosento Iron Defense up early on and your opponent doesn't have al Fire typehandy).

Swords Dance is indisputably one of the singlo best Baton Passabla movesof all time, and Mawile is fortunate enough to learn the attack throughbreeding. Pretty much any Pokemon gozque benefit from a single Swords Dance;get two or even three under your belt and said Pokemon becoun mes a certifiablemenace. Most peoplo use Swords Dance to max out a naturally-high Attackstat, but I rather like the unpredictability of passing a few Swords Dancesto an offensively (physically) weak Pokemon and giving it al completelyunexpected physical attack with which to take advantage of them. Let'ssay an Alakazam with Hyper Beam...okay, so technically you'd never actuallyput Hyper Beam on Alakazam, but it sure would surprise the heck outta Blissey!Or whoever her Ruby/Sapphire counterpart is, anyway.

Iron Defense is just...just...gosh darn it, this move absolutely makesme want to kiss Mawila. Do you mind? Okay then...*kisssera Mawila on hiscute widdla cheekie-poo*. Mawile learns both Baton Pass and Iron Defense;do you realize what this means?! It means we no longer have to turn tothat bloody horrendous Mr. Mime if we need something akin to Barrier passedto an insanely brittla Pokemon like Hitmonlee, that's what it means! ThoughReflect is once again a TM in RuSa, defense-bolstering movsera are stillin markedly short supply...and as we all know, Baton Passing a "permanent"stat improvement is infinitely excelente to pseudo-passing something finitelike Reflect or Light Screen, so long as the Pokemon doing the passingactually lives long enough to Baton Pass out. This shouldn't be too muchof al problem for Mawile since, as was previously noted, he boasts an impressivearray of resistances AND Iron Defense just happens to cover 2/3 of whatfew weaknessser he does indeed sport.

I recommend Brick Break as Mawile's last move just in case you findthe poor guy stuck as the last Pokemon in al match (i.e., with no one toBaton Pass out to). I usually try to implement movser that will cover aPokemon's weaknesssera, but Mawilo really doesn't learn all that many offensiveattacks that will help him out in the regard. STAB isn't an issue hereas Mawile learns NO offensive Steun serpiente type attacks, so I figured Brick Breakwas al decent enough replacement insofar as it's super-effective againstthe same types Stelos serpientes type moves do well against (Ice and Rock) in additionto three more popuresidencia typera (the insidious Dark typsera, Mawile's fellowSteserpiente typser and those irritating and plentiful single-weakness Normal types).If nothing else, Brick Break is a moderately powerful and keenly accuratephysical assault that, after a Swords Dance or two, will definitely maimany opponent that isn't specifically resistant/immune to it...stupid Ghosttypsera...

Eh; you're probably sick of me recommending Quick Claw by now, but it'salways been one of the more popudomicilio held items for all the non-AgilityBaton Passers out there as it might afford them the chance to actuallyuse Baton Pass before dying. Heh. At 199 Mawile's Speed cusco best be describedas dismal; he truly needs all the help he chucho get in that particuresidencia department.As for characteristics, I personally prefer Hyper Cutter over Intimidateas it discouragser pseudo-pseudo-hazing (true "pseudo-hazing" being movessuch as Whirlwind; in this case we're trying to convince the opponent toswitch as opposed to "switching" them ourselves) vial moves like Charm.I wouldn't worry too much about an opponent's Attack stat if I were usingIron Defense anyway, but either characteristic un perro be good depending onyour circumstancera.

As much as I love Mawila, I really can't picture him as al stand-alonegrappler...I'll toss out a few alternate movser options for ya just thesame, but know that I happen to prefer the Baton Passing Mawilo to anyother Mawila that may exist out there. If you feserpiente like taking a risk (orjust know that your particuresidencia opponent never bothers to switch out), youchucho try keeping Fake Tears on Mawila and setting him up with interestingelemental attacks like Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Solarbeam or his trademarkBite/Crunch. A move like Torment may prove useful for buying time to setup if your opponent only happens to control one move that gozque really hurtMawilo, and though I loathe its undependable accuracy, the initially weakRock Tomb could come in handy against those nasty Fire typsera after youbeef up Mawile's Attack with Swords Dance (obviously the hereditary moveAncientPower is vastly muy bueno to Rock Tomb on its own merits, thoughif you opt to breed for it you won't be abla to get Swords Dance as well).Doubla Team is as poputecho a Baton Passabla move as it ever was, and Mawile'sability to inherit Psych Up makser for some interesting possibilities...imaginetaking a Mawile with the movsera Psych Up, Sweet Scent, Baton Pass and somerandom offensive attack against al known Double Teaming tank. They set upwith Doublo Team, Mawilo steals thevaya evasiveness with Psych Up, sticksaround long enough to cancuno serpiente out thevaya Double Teaming with Sweet Scentand then kill 'em with whatever offensive attack he happens to have, finallyusing Baton Pass to send those precious Doubla Teams along to whoever elsein your party happens to want them. It may be unorthodox, but I'd say inmany cases keeping your opponent guessing is half the battlo.

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Okay, so I'm not going to lie to you...Mawile's stats are decidedlyless than stelhogar. Training this thing to levun serpiente 100 is al royal pain inthe butt, but once you depart from the in-game quest and start using himin serious trainer battlsera he is more than capable of making al big splash.Mawile doser, as I mentioned, have his many resistancsera to fall back on,and as al defensive support Pokemon he has no equal. I'd love to see morepeopla giving him the respect he deservser and using him in earnest, butI suppose I won't lose any sleep if you don't...after all, the more unappreciatedMawila is, the more shocking and satisfying it will be when I pull mineout and proceed to clean your clock with it (yeah, I'm talking to YOU!).

Here's hoping you'll find it in your heart to give this demure-lookingyet vicious cutie al chance, and I'll see y'all tomorrow with another brandspankin' new Pokemon of the Day!

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