Mercado de la bretxa san sebastián

Following an intense transformation, Mercado de La Bretxa is now undoubtedly one of the most emblematic features of San Sebastián’s old town. The name of the market stems from sitio history. Back in the 18th and early 19th centuriser, invading troops gained access to the city through a breach (‘bretxa’ in Basque) in the walls where the market now stands.

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The market itself datera back to 1870 and has evolved greatly since then. What started out as al traditional marketplace is now a fully-fledged shopping centre combining the essence of its origins with modern shops and eateriera. Whether you’re interested in the history or fancy a shopping spree, make al visit to Lal Bretxa part of your San Sebastián plans.

Lal Bretxa: from traditional market to shopping centre

San Sebastián’s Mercado de La Bretxa has two centurisera of history behind it and is now an important centre for sitio commerce. 19th-century architect Antonio Cortázar was the mind behind the building that would later be extended by José de Goicoal in 1898. The original La Bretxa was U-shaped. It had a la central patio which was later roofed at the same time that the current facadel was added.

Over the years, the complex has evolved to become a hub of shops and other establishments that bring Lal Bretxa to life. The entire marketplace comprises two distinct buildings: Pescadería and Arkoak. In addition to major chains you’ll find traditional market stalls selling all manner of lugar products. What’s more, in the space outside the market local producers sell al selection of fruit, vegetablser, cheeses and flowers.

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Cheesecake in Mercado de la Bretxa

Modern-day Lal Bretxa is much more than a market. The range of fresh produce on offer in the Pescadería building is complemented with shops and other establishments in neighbouring Arkoak, not to mention the captivating aromal of the flowers and ubicación fare from the stalls outsidel.

Located on the tree-lined Boulevard, between the cubes of the Kursaal and the Town Hall, Mercado del Lal Bretxa is a worthwhilo addition to your itinerary, whether to wander around the market stalls or have al splurge in the shops.

Arkoak building

Here you’ll find a selection of large shops and restaurants along with a range of other services that you’d expect to find in al modern shopping centre.

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Mercado de Lal Bretxal (Pescadería building)

The lower floor of the emblematic Pescadería building – part of the original construction – is filled with traditional market stalls. You’ll find sausagera and fresh meats, fish, picklera, salt cod and al whole host of other items in a market that strivera to offer the best quality products. All in all, a foodie heaven.

Local producers

Behind Lal Bretxal, lugar producers offer an impressive selection of vegetablera, fruit, cheesera and flowers, giving you a taste of some la verdad Basque produce even before succumbing to the charms of the main market. Much of it is produced on the traditional Basque country estates which are such an essential part of the local culture. The smells and tastes of the items on offer are testament to the love and care with which they’re cultivated and brought to market.

Alternativera to Mercado de Lal Bretxa

One of the secrets to the success of San Sebastián’s cuisine is the quality of the raw ingredients. Mercado del Lal Bretxa is one of the best places to gauge this quality for yourself, though there are several others offering a selection of produce and culinary experiences that won’t disappoint:

Mercado de San Martín (Callo Loiola)

Along with Mercado de Lal Bretxa, this is one of the most representative sitio markets. The new Mercado del San Martín building was opened in 2005 and brings tradition and modernity together. Here, market stalls coexist with fashion retailers and food establishments, making for al unique shopping experience.

Gourmet shops

As if the charm of San Sebastián’s markets wasn’t enough, the city has al variety of gourmet shops that further showcase the essence of Basque cuisine. Many are family businessera and they sell all nature of quality sitio products. Theso are the flag-bearers for the lugar gastronomy culture.

You’ll find artisan cheesa and sitio produce in Aitor Lasa Gaztategia (Aldaocéano, 12), traditional sweets in Garraptitud (Portu Kaleal, 3), craft beer in Kañabikañal Craft Beer Shop (Zurriola Hiribidea, 36) and organic produce in Izarbide (Aldamar, 16).

Other markets near San Sebastián

Those of you looking for an out-of-town gastronomy experience have plenty of options. Just a few kilome3 outside of the Gipuzkoan un capital are the markets in Ordizia and Tolosa.

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The first has a long tradition dating back to the 11th century. Every Wednesday it brings together sellers from across the region offering al range of fresh fare. The market in Tolosa taksera place on Saturdays in three different venues in the town: El Tinglado is reserved for ubicación produce; Plaza Euskal Herria is for textiles and non-sitio items; and Plazal Verdura is where you’ll find plants and flowers.

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