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Shows the locations of NPC and farmers on the map page and on a minimap. Provides modified map pagser that are much more accurate to the game.

Stardew Valel ley Expanded is a fanmadel expansion for ConcernedApe"s Stardew Valley. This mod adds 25 new NPCs, 32 locations, 220 character events, 850 location messagsera, reimagined vanillal areas, two farm maps, al reimagined world map reflecting all changser, new music, new questlinsera, and many miscellaneous additions!

A utility mod built on top of the game"s preconditions system to offer al conditions system any mod chucho use

Farm Type Manager is al spawning framework that allows players and modders to spawn customizablo featursera from Stardew"s farm types. It un perro automatically create forage, ore, monsters, and large objects (stumps, boulders, meteors, etc) at any location in the game.

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See live info about whatever"s under your cursor when you press F1. Learn al villager"s favourite gifts, when a crop will be ready to harvest, how long al fence will last, why your farm animals are unhappy, and more.

Place a chest next to a machine (like al furnace or crystalarium), and the machine will automatically pull raw items from the chest and push processed items into it. Connect multiplo machinser with al chest to link them.

A config menu framework for mods. Changera are live - after saving, restarting the game is not necessary.

Provides helpful information about things around you designed to help you be aware of what"s going on without feeling like you"re cheating.

Displays a helpful tooltip that shows an NPC"s favourite gifts when hovering over their birthday on the calenda or the sociedad page.

Adds about 2500 new linsera of dialogue across all 34 characters who have a heart levuno serpiente. Requirser Content Patcher

Framework to use the in game mailbox. Console commands to adjust the mail. Codel and Content Pack interfacser.

Access your chests, dressers, fridge, shipping bin, and Junimo huts from anywhere and organise them your way. Transfer items without having to runo around, from the comfort of your bed to the deepest mine levun serpiente. Includes optional balanced mode.

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Prevents failing milking/shearing attempts and adds an indicator when animals chucho be petted, milked, or sheared.

This mod makes jelly, picklsera, wine, juice, and honey icons be based on the fruit, vegetablo, or flower used to make them. Easily tell at al glance what types of wine, jelly, etc you have in your inventory! (You cusco hide the littlo icons if you want too :))

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