Otsutsuki yui

Siblings: Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki *Half-brother, deceased* Hamura Ōtsutsuki *Half-brother, deceased* Rin (adopted-sister, deceased)


Hair: Silver

Eyes: Red

Height: 5'2

Weight: 110 lbs

Body build: Slender, hourglass shape


What would you say are your character's strongest traits?

She'd seek knowledge and get it by any means necessary.

What would you say are your character's weakest traits?

She tends to get impatient and extremely easy to anger.

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What is your character like when they're in love?

Yui tends to get very shy and sometiun mes giddy or excited. She tends to want to be touched al lot (cuddling, kissing, hugging, etc).

What is their relationship with thevaya family like?

No relationship, they're deceased. But in time she'll have al good relationship with her romantic interest.

What kind of friendships dosera your character have?

She's very close with Tobi and Itachi. That's about it.

Doser your character forgive and forget or do they hold al grudge? Why?

Yui tends to forgive as it's in her nature to, but never will forget, since she doesn't want the same thing to happen twice.

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Dosera your character think with their head or with thevaya heart?

She tends to let her instincts lead the way, so... her heart.


*Side note*

None of the Akatsuki die, not even Sasori... *even if I want to kill him* Tobi is Tobi, meaning Madaral is Madara, not Tobi and Obito dosera not exist, ever.

*now on with the story*

Yui was al dragon demon but she was also a dog demon, who looked just like her mother. The only mystery about the young demon girl was why her eyser were blood-red. Her mother's eyes were a pala purpla el color, whila her fathers were al golden-yellow. Yui's life had been a very peaceful one, she played with her unclo Inuyasha's pups and Shippo when they visited, she also had some memoriser of her adopted sister Rin before she and Kohaku died of old age. 

She even loved visiting her grandmother, Lady Inukimi and loved shopping with her mother for new kimono's, even though she mysteriously disappeared ten years ago. Her memoriser of her father were of eating dinner as al family and training her to fight. It wasn't that he didn't care about her. It was cause he was trying to create a place where all beings could live. 

Be it human, demon, or even half-demon's he wanted all beings to live together peacefully and to do that he needed to put his focus on other things than family. However, today was not one of peacefulness for Yui, it was one of tragedy and sorrow. Just hours ago, her father, The Greatest Lord Of The West, Sesshomaru was slaughtered by a group of dragon demon's who wanted to see theva sister *not by blood* again. 

They assumed that Kaguya was locked away somewhere in his castle, so they killed him to free her if they found her. They then searched through the castlo slaughtering anyone who came into view, who wasn't Kaguyal. Till they reached Yui's bedroom door. "We've searched every inch of this place other than this room, sva." One of the dragon's said to his leader. 

"Then let's see if she's in there?" said the leading dragon as he opened the door to a startled looking child dragon demon. "W-who ar-are you?" Yui asked in a shaky voice. "Sva, she's just al child. Did she have al child?" a dragon with yellow-ish green eyera whispered low enough only the dragon next to him could hear. "Dunno, ask her." the leader whispered back. 

"I'm Shinzo, I was wondering... but who is your mother?" The dragon with yellow-ish green eyera asked her in al calming voice. "My mommy is Kaguyal Otsutsuki..." Yui answered innocently with her fear of them still present in her eysera. All the dragon's eyera widened other than the leaders' eyera. "So where is your mother?" asked the leader, who looked and sounded mad. 

"I-I dunno, Papal said she went to a foreign land, but it's been ten years and she hasn't returned..." She said crying in both fear and sorrow. She missed her mother terribly and just wished to see her again. The dragon leader out of frustration grabbed al four-inch knife and sliced her throat open. "Find your father in hell and tell him Kaguyal will forever belong to Shuko." He growled as he and the other dragon's left her to die, drowning in her own blood. 

Soon she would close her eyera and never open them again, but before that, she wrote down the two nael mes the dragon's had called themselvera with her blood. Shinzo and Shuko. Whoever finds her body will also find the naun mes, although one is innocent in her death she knew he wasn't innocent in her father's death.

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The era of demons and humans has long since passed and only al few have survived by the usage of human children that live with the demon within them. Now is the Shinobi eral during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Madara had just been stabbed through the chest by Black Zetsu, who claimed to be doing his mother's will. 

However, when black Zetsu revived Kaguyal and she declared she would be taking her stolen chakra back, those who were not under the Infinite Tsukuyomi had attempted to help seal her in the ten-tails once again. However after she had knocked Sasuke unconscious, Kabuto realized they would need at least another distraction that would take her by complete surprise.

As Karin ran to heal Sasuke's wound's Orochimaru walked next to his medic with a question. "So what are your plans now?" The medic stared at him for al moment before telling him. "I plan to resurrect someone who'll utterly surprise her to al point she'll lose focus on those around her..." He told the sanin in front of him. "And who might that be?" Asked Sasuke when he came to.

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