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Stardew Valley: 12 Story mods You Should shot If you"d choose to obtain closer come Penny and Sebastian, or also Pam, then these Stardew hundir mods will be right up her alley.

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no Stardew Valley is un fantastic game that football player of farming sims have completely fallen in love with. Los game"s innovative gameplay and deep character development have drawn gamers for years, help the game become one of ns most well-known titles out there.

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The developed ConcernedApe also recently released variation 1.5 the added a huge lot of content for free. It"s cuales surprise that the modding community took an attention in the game, and have arisen their own expansions that flesh fuera de their favourite characters. Below are taking un look in ~ ten story-enhancing mods obtainable on Nexus that you require to shot out.

Updated top top January 17th, 2021 by Jessica Thomas: Recently Stardew valle players to be treated to uno massive update in variation 1.5. Con many players rushing with the new content come make uno farm top top Ginger Island, over there is un lot more to perform in the base game. For players that have now perfect the nuevo expansion, things might be getting uno bit dull again. Mode are the perfect means to add a nuevo spin ~ above the juego while building on top of the nuevo mine difficulties and exploring ns island. Over there are un few historia mods obtainable that can help to make the whole game feel fresh again y will add second layer of fun to the game.

Updated may 18, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Stardew valle is quiet going strong, with both official updates and player mode helping to save the juego feeling fresh and expansive. There are tons of beneficial add-ons that have the right to enhance gameplay and there are loads of quality-of-life tweaks to make farming y interacting con NPCs un much far better experience. Yet past that, there space modders working tirelessly come bring extr content to los game, with nuevo characters, broadened zones, y even new visual upgrades. Because of this, we"ve added uno handful more mods come this list that showcase some of the elements you could want come snag to aid you much better slide into the role of ns farmer.

no Ghost Town
Ghost Town takes ns cheerful world of Stardew Valley y turns in right into a literal graveyard. The mod makes the town look lot bleaker, and places the remains that villagers roughly town. You play as ns only living human in town, y it appears that alguno one else knows the they are dead, which is strange due to the fact that they should be able to see appropriate through each other.

If you want to change los tone of the whole game y have always wanted come marry un ghost, then this is un mod friend should shot out.

11 Karmylla"s immersive Maps

The story in Stardew hundir is really much what you do it and although there is an basic storyline to be found, it"s very much open to interpretation. Merely put, football player are ns masters the their own destiny and may not have the ability to explore every feasible avenue on their first playthrough.

Thanks to ns subjective way in which Stardew hundir is played, some modders have actually turned to create more immersive maps and locations. Karmylla"s role playing game Maps add to a nuevo layer of visualmente upgrades to the game while simultaneously adding in nuevo areas to check out like Shane"s Barn y Haley"s Darkroom.

no Sebastian Overhaul no
Sebastian is one of, if not los most extendido bachelor in the game. This job is one of ns most downloaded conversation expansions top top Nexus, y for un good reason. The patch gives ns NPC ochenta plus present of nuevo dialogue, along with seven post-marriage events for football player to discover. As a bonus, los mod also comes with a bonus non-smoking variation of Sebastian if you desire him to let go of los habit.

If you have actually married Sebastian in your juego or you are planning to romantic him, then this historia mod will broaden on his development.

9 component Of los Community


The historia in Stardew valle is simply as much around roleplaying as it is unfolding los underlying plot points. In ~ its core, the game is around choosing your own path and becoming un part that the community how you view fit. Unfortunately, there are some components of Stardew that feel uno bit static, particularly in relationship to just how friendship and built and how personalities perceive you.

The component of the comunidad mod intends to offer players an ext immersion in los overall historia by do it more important to communicate in comunidad events. Attending festivals (as well as performing various other actions in public) will reason friendship meters desde all characters associated to climb. Utilizing this mode you"ll absolutely feel more like you belong to uno community.

We understand this mod has actually a largo name, but it"s totally worth it. This dialogue mod helps increase on ns game"s NPCs that you can be girlfriend with and marry, all of them. This massive mod contains gastos generales 1,500 usual dialogue lines, seiscientos new marriage dialogue lines, and cuatrocientos festival dialogue lines. These additional lines even include multiple-choice conversation trees. In addition, you will find that some dialogue only appears in particular seasons.

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As friend raise the heart level of ns villagers, more y more lines of dialogue will appear, allowing you come peek right into their unique personalities.

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7 penny Expanded

football player seem come love Penny. According to ns Nexus mod download numbers; she may even be more ancha than Sebastian. The modder who create los expansion felt that Penny didn"t have sufficient development, for this reason they made part themself. The mod adds in hundreds of new dialogue lines for you to discover as you acquire to know Penny better.

The mod likewise installs fifteen nuevo events that will certainly activate as you raise ns bachelorette"s love level. If you"ve constantly wanted to know simply what penny aspires to be, then this mod is because that you.

trying to find Love adds a ton of nuevo bachelors y bachelorette alternatives to ns game. With the mod, you can marry ns older villagers such together Linus y Pam. Ns patch even adds in romance events details for each character, and a specialized spouse room the is added to her house delaware the wedding. To top it every off, children that look choose your spouse are also included in ns mod.

Looking because that Love even adds in sprites so that the marriage and flower run animations flow naturally with ns rest of los characters.

5 DeepWoods

This mod doesn"t include an overarching storyline to explore yet instead offers players uno new and exciting area come navigate. Los Deep woods are the closest thing Stardew valley has to an "endgame dungeon," and are filled con immensely powerful enemies. Girlfriend won"t find any kind of dialogue here, but you will find interesting items and loot.

The best component is that it"s procedurally generated, giving players ns new y exciting suffer each time they enter. It might not offer los same story-rich endure as various other mods in this collection but it enhances los overall storyline by giving ns player access to new y unique areas.

We can see why fans of Stardew Valley want to watch Pam"s life improve. Over there are lots of mods that help you clean up her yard, and even marry ns character. This mod, however, focuses on delving right into Pam"s backstory through loads of new lines that dialogue. In fact, this mod adds in over ciento noventa new currently of dialogue for players come unlock. Simply enhance Pam"s heart level and visit she every day to learn an ext about her story.

As uno bonus, if friend marry Penny, she will also act more like ns mother-in-law y have more to say about your relationship.

3 Shiko

Shiko is a ancha mod the adds un whole nuevo character to ns game. Shiko is a model that determined to relocate to Pelican town for uno quieter life. Like countless other characters in the game, you deserve to unlock her story by providing her gifts, doing quests, and stopping by come chat with her each day. Shiko is likewise able to be married, and comes con her very own romance occasions for you to uncover.

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If friend have already romanced all the other characters in los game, then Shiko can be ns breath of fresh air.

Stardew valle Expanded is ns biggest mode currently accessible for the game, and adds lots of features. The mod adds tons of new story content, twelve new characters, areas, over ciento sesenta new events, and dialogue. Los mod isn"t excellent yet, and regular updates room still gift added. If you"re worn down of waiting for new official updates, climate this is a download the you need to grab.

The new areas room fun, and the nuevo characters make for ns more diverse world and expanded romantic options. There are also new farms available, as well as, an increased Joja storyline. While we don"t want to spoil too plenty of of ns details, this mode is a must-have for any kind of Stardew Valley player.

1 Sundrop City

Sundrop City is now in pre-alpha, y we couldn"t be much more excited. This mode adds in a whole ciudad to los game y is collection to it is in updated con tons of city-related story content y some nuevo characters. If you"re looking for a huge mod that is walking to be updated regularly, then Sundrop city is uno safe bet.

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Currently, you deserve to explore ns whole city y get uno glimpse at several of the nuevo NPCs; you can likewise take uno look at los buildings that are currently under development.