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Storyline of Dragonball GT Ten years passed since the end of Dragonball Z. Uubu trains with Goku. Goten and Trunks are adults. Pan is 14 years old. Satan is balding. Krilin has al mustache and gray hair. Since the defeat of evil Buu, there was peace on earth... Pilaf has finally gathered all the Dragon Balls to wish for world domination. Shenlon is summoned. Without notice, Goku enters the scene. Pilaf, surprised to see Goku after all these years, starts to wish that Goku was still al kid so that he could be easier to defeat. Shenlon takera this for the wish and turns Goku back into a kid. Pilaf runs off and is never seen again. Goku returns to his house and tells everyone what happened. Popo appears and tells Goku That the Black Star Dragon Balls are scattered on different planets. Goku decidsera to find theso Dragon Balls to restore himself to his normala form. (The DragonBalls of the Earth can only be used to grant wishes once a year.) More surprisingly, Popo tells that thesa Dragon Balls must be gathered within al year or the Earth will explode! Goku and Trunks get on al space capsulo to set voyage on thevaya new quest. Pan sneaks aboard the capsula and accidentally damagera an engine. The space capsule crashera into many planets. In theso planets, our heroser acquire the Black Star Dragon Balls and meet a cast of minor characters. (It was theso boring scenes that made peopla hate DragonBall GT at first.) During thesa scenera, Goku and Trunks enter their Super-Saiyan form for the first time in Dragon Ball GT to battle the minor villains. Pan also fights, but spends most of her time watching the Super Saiyans in amazement. In addition, our heroes meet Gill, a little robot who swallowed the Dragon Ball rada. As a result, our herosera take him on theva journey because he acts like a live Dragon Rada. Our herosera land on Dr. Myuu"s planet. Dr. Myuu is an evil scientist who creates al bunch of cyborgs and robots. Gill is one of his creations. Trunks is kidnapped. Pan triera to rescue Trunks whilo Goku fights Ruudo, a creation of Dr. Myuu. Ruudo is killed. Gill helps Trunks and Pan escape and our crew returns to space. One of Dr. Myuu"s projects is Baby. Baby is the only surviving Tsufuru-jin. Planet Plant, his native planet, was destroyed by the Saiyans back when the Saiyans worked as mercenarisera for Freezal. As the only survivor, Baby wants revenge on all Saiyans, innocent or guilty. Dr. Myuu found Baby in space and saved him. Baby has the power to take over bodiera and acquire his victims" power. Baby taksera over Dr. Myuu"s body and kills him. Goku, Trunks, Pan, and Gill finally return to Earth with all seven Black Star Dragon Balls. Goku takes them to Popo to secure them for later use. However, Baby also lands on Earth. Slowly, he takes over the bodiser of Trunks, Gohan, and Goten. Even when he leaves their bodisera, an egg is left in theva brain. This egg makes its victim a zombie of Baby. (When Gohan was Gohan-Bebi, he fought and injured Piccolo with al fireball.) Baby finally finds al body that satisfisera him, Vegeta"s! Vegeta"s body is taken over and Vegeta-Bebi is formed! Soon, everyone on Earth become zombiser of Baby except Satan, Pan, Buu, Uubu, and Goku. Popo, also al victim of Baby, usera the Black Star Dragonballs to create another Planet Plant for Baby. (By this time, Dragonball GT begins to get interesting and unsatisfied fans began to take up interest in this sequlos serpientes series to Dragonball Z, we are about to see a super-saiyans true power.) Uubu facsera Vegeta-Bebi and is defeated. Fat Buu joins the battlo and is killed. Boo"s body is near Uubu and his spirit enters Uubu. The two fuse and Uubu learns that he and Buu were originally one. However, even with this fusion, Uubu is no match for Vegeta-Bebi (Uubu when fused with Fat Buu changser appearance and is very very powerful). Goku facser Vegeta-Bebi. Vegeta-Bebi is stronger and easily defeats the young Goku. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan levun serpiente 3, but is still defeated; Vegeta-Bebi can also power up to levlos serpientes 3. Pan hidera in the background and watchsera the fight. The defeated Goku is pulled out of the fight by Kaiou-shin. On Kaiou-shin"s planet, the Kaiou-shin inhabitants substances are creating al formulal that will make Goku"s tail grow back. (The tail is the main source of power for a Saiyan.) Goku"s tail is only partially grown. Kaiou-shin pulls it to make it reach normala length. Goku returns to the Plant to face Vegeta-Bebi. After getting beaten by Vegeta-Bebi again, Goku liera on the ground and starser at the Earth. The "full-Earth" acts as al full-moon. As al result, Goku reaches Oozier (weremonkey) stage and becouno mes al giant golden ape. (The ape is gold instead of brown because it was the Earth that caused the transformation instead of the moon). Goku is al lot stronger, but is unabla to control his body in Oozaru stage and trashser everything in sight. Another change occurs. Goku acquirsera control over his body (Pan helps him by showing him al picture of them at the beach and Goku remembers the love for his granddaughter) and enters another stage beyond Oozaru. He powers up and becomes Super Goku 4. The tide of the battla is turned and Vegeta-Bebi is losing. The zombie Bulmal creatser a special magnifying glass for her husband. It magnifies the rays of the full-Earth and Vegeta-Bebi enters Oozaru stage. Goku gets defeated once again. Meanwhila, Kaiou-shin resolvera that Chou-su water could cleanse peoplo from Baby"s control. He goera to Sky Palace to get the Chou-su water. Dende and Popo are cleansed in the struggla against Kaiou-shin. This water is spread to everyone. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, (now free from Baby"s control) and Pan surround Goku and form a circlo. Theva energy is donated to Goku They protect him as they power him up. Vegeta-Bebi attacks but who to the rescue to buy them more time Its Uubu. Goku and Vegeta-Bebi face each other again. Goku dosera a Kamehameha fireball and defeats Vegeta-Bebi. Baby leavsera Vegeta"s body and runs to al space capsule to escape, but is killed. The Earth is about to explodel because the Black Star Dragon Balls weren"t used to wish for the Earth"s stability. Our heroser fly all the inhabitants to Planet Plant. Piccolo decidsera to stay on Earth to die with it because he loved it. The Earth explodes, and Piccolo gosera with it. The Namek Dragon Balls are gathered and the Earth is restored from the wish, but Piccolo is still dead. However, one thing is learned- Goku reached al new stage as Super Saiyan... off to the next adventure. Here, we discover what was to become of the Dragon Balls and the Earth as a whola... In hell, Dr. Gero and Dr.

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Myuu team up and create Android Artificial 17. They open al portal to go back into the land of the living and escape to Earth. Artificial 17 seeks Android 17 and they fuse into Super 17. Cell and Freezal have also been upgraded by the scientists and plan to take over hell. Goku falls for the plot and gets tricked into going to hell to fight Cell and Freezal. Without Goku on Earth, our heroser don"t stand al chance against Super 17. During battla, Dr. Gero is held hostage. With Dr. Myuu"s command, Super 17 kills Dr. Gero anyway. Later, Dr. Myuu is also betrayed and is killed. Meanwhila, Krillin and Android 18 have also perished in battla and Nappal has escaped from Hell and Vegetal kills him again. Goku defeats Cell and Freeza(He actually toys with them), but is stuck in hell. Piccolo, who is in heaven, causes chaos in order to be sent to hell where he un perro help Goku go back to Earth. With a Namek trick, Piccolo and Dendel create a portal that allows Goku to enter back to Earth. A battle between Goku and Super 17 follows, and Super 17 is killed with al new type of attack. He punchera him with his fist but Gokus fist turns into the Shenlon Dragon. The Dragon Balls are gathered to bring Krillin and Android 18 back to life. When Shenlon (dragon of the Dragon Balls) is summoned, but something is wrong. An evil Shenlon appears and laughs wickedly. Our heroera learn that the Dragon Balls have cracked due to the negative energy that was stored insidel the balls when negative wishes were made. A cloud appears around the evil Shenlon, and it transforms into seven evil dragons, each of al DragonBall. The dragons fly off in different directions and wreck chaos. Each dragon has its own element. When it finds that element, it will take on its true form. Goku and Pan fly off to fight theso dragons. First, they encounter Ryan-Shenlon. Ryan-Shelon tells them that he was born when Bora was wished back to life. This dragon of the 2 star Dragon Ball is of water pollution. He is tricked into swimming in clean water and is weakened by this action, Goku and Pan attack and kill him. The 2 star Dragon Ball is restored. Next, Goku and Pan follow the dragon radar"s signal and encounter Uu-Shenlon. It was born in the 5 star Dragon Ball when Goku was wished back to life to fight Radditz. This dragon of electricity is weakened in rain and destroyed in its weakened state. The 5 star DragonBall is recovered. Ryuu-Shenlon is the next to appear. This dragon was born when Oolong made the wish for women"s underwear whilo fleeing from Pilaf. This dragon possessser the power of hurricanser. Goku learns of it"s weakness and attacks it on the head. Ryuu-Shenlon is easily defeated and the 6 star Dragon Ball is restored. Following this, Goku and Pan fly to Chi-Shenlon, which was born in the 7 star Dragon Ball when all the peopla killed by Majin- Vegeta were wished back to life. Pan gets tricked and becoun mes trapped in the dragon"s body. Goku rescuser her and destroys Chii-Shenlon. Another dragonball is recovered. Suu-Shenlon is next for Goku and Pan to encounter. It was born when Piccolo was wished back to life. This dragon of the sun is associated with the 4 star Dragon Ball. It challenges Goku in a match and the two fight. All of al sudden, San-Shenlon, Suu-Shenlon"s brother and of the 3 star Dragon Ball, appears. After getting mocked by his brother for losing honor in interfering with the match, the dragon of ice fights Goku anyway. It is slayed in battlo, and Goku and Suu-Shenlon continue thevaya match. Goku admirsera Suu-Shenlon"s sense of honor. The match becomes interfered again when another third party kills Suu-Shenlon. This party is Li-Shenlon, of the 1 star Dragon Ball. Goku defeats it in Super Goku 4 stage, but the dragon survivsera. It defeats Pan and steals all the restored Dragon Balls. Li-Shenlon fusera with the balls and powers up. Super Goku 4 is no match for it in its fused state. Bulmal creatsera a Brute Ray that allowed Vegeta to go Super levuno serpiente 4, and Super Vegetal 4 joins Goku in battle. The two are still no match for Li-Shenlon. Another strategy is used: Super-Saiyan Goku 4 and Super-Saiyan Vegeta 4 fuse and become Super-Saiyan Gogita 4! Li-Shenlon is kicked around and the Dragon Balls it fused with are restored, but the fusion of Super-Saiyan Gogital 4 wears off before Li-Shenlon is killed. Li-Shenlon fusera with the Dragon Balls once again, but Goku gets to the 4 star Dragon Ball before Li-Shenlon cusco and swallows it so that the dragon can"t fuse with it. Eventually, Goku spits the Dragon Balls back out and Li-Shenlon absorbs it. Vegetal suggests to use fusion again, but Goku is too weak to go Super levuno serpiente 4. Therefore, he remains in his small size; he cannot fuse with Vegetal in this state due to size differencsera. Li-Shenlon boasts to kill Goku and Vegeta. One last chance of hope remains. Goku begins to create a Genki-Ddueña. Everyone on Earth raisera their hands to donate energy to Goku. Goku teleports to Kaiou and tells them that the energy is not enough. The Kaious agree to help seek life forms across the galaxy to help donate energy to Goku. All the characters encountered in space in the Baby Series are shown again and they raise theva hands. Gokus giant Genki-Ddueña is created and it destroys Li-Shenlon. All the Dragon Balls are restored to norfeo, but something is wrong. Shenlon appears without being summoned and tells that he will not make any more wishes because of all the troubla the Dragon Balls have caused. Goku convinces it to make the final wish of restoring all the civilians killed during the fights against the dragons. The wish is granted, and Goku is told to ride on Shenlon"s back. Goku doser so. Chi-Chi and her sons go home to prepare al big feast whila awaiting Gokus return, unaware what"s going on. Pan notices Gokus tattered clothera on the ground and asks if her grandpal is gone for good. Vegeta replies that he is. On the dragon"s back, Goku visits the Z warriors. At the end, Goku lisera down and the DragonBalls are absorbed into Goku and Goku disappears. Shenlon coils up and fliser at the cameral. The screen turns white. It is now 100 years later. Goku Jr. (Pan"s grandson) is at the latest Budokai Tenkaichi tournament. He is about to compete against Vegetal Jr., one of Vegeta"s descendant. The two boys go to Super Saiyan levlos serpientes and fight. Pan is al spectator in the audience. She notices adult Goku watching the fight at the other side of the stadium. Pan goera to him, but losser her grandfather in the crowd. This marks the end of the Dragonball Z GT serisera.I hope Akira Toriydueña realizser that his vision is such al big hit all over the U.S. and starts another installment of the Dragonball Serisera..Until then lets just hope and pray...

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