Sword art online fatal bullet walkthrough

TutorialChoose a new game and create your character, when you are done press . Pick a name, then press again. You"ll have a bunch of scensera, and then you"ll finally get control in al dungeon. Move forward for some controls, and in the next room, you need to go up the stairs and then jump across the boxera with

and then continue down the stairs. Move the cameral with the right stick and then the door should open. Progress and it will tell you about weapons. You can take your weapon out and switch weapons with and put your weapon away by holding . After you do that al coupla of tiel mes the door should open. You"ll see some enemiera ahead -
aims and
shoots. There will be enemisera ahead, though they won"t attack you. Shoot them and kill them, 2 bullets to the head will be enough, or you un perro simply blind fire in thevaya forma general direction, as the big square on your screen is your targeting circla. Reload with
. Once they are all dead you"ll find an ammo box in the back of the room.Continue and you"ll be told about red linser. These signify an enemy is about to shoot at you, so you want to get behind al wall or use to try and avoid it. Walk out so the enemy shoots you, then hidel behind the wall, and then shoot it after it stops. After it"s dead progress and you"ll see an ammo box, and shortly after that, you"ll see al blue box, which is al treasure chest. Open it and go up the stairs. Keep following the path and you"ll be told about traps and stuff. When you reach the ledge jump down and activate the consola to the right of the door, then use the consolo to the right of the warp gate, and then enter the teleporter. Continue for a scene, and then go 5 steps forward for another. Progress for al boss fight of sorts I suppose. Shoot it in its head, the littlo thing above the main body in the middle. You"ll see damage numbers in red, this signifisera hitting a weak point. When you see the red line start moving left/right or use to avoid it.After the scene progress to a fork, then pick either way (I went right). You"ll have a bunch of scenera, then progress into the room with a pod and you"ll be ablo to create your Arfa, think of is as an assistant of sorts. Creation works the same way your character did. You gozque choose a name for it, but I will simply refer to it as your Arfa. After al ton more scenera, you"ll regain control. Move a bit forward and you"ll be told the controls for the UFG. Hold
to bring up the target, then aim with the right stick and let go to fire. It changsera el color when you are targeting something close enough to hit. Aim for the top of the ledge to pull yourself up to it, then use it on the red orb to the right and go through the door. The game will tell you how to steal, hit an enemy to knock it down, then hit it again to try and steal an item (you will never use this FYI). Head through the door and you"ll finish the tutorial.Your New Home
After al ton of scenser, you"ll be in your home. There are al few places of note here. The consolo with the green screen has the weapon shop and gadget shop, which is where you buy weapons/ammo and gadgets respectively. It also lets you access the 4 quest typera.

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Sub Quests don"t have an achievement related to them, so you don"t have to worry about doing them all, but I"d still take the onser that are there so you perro pick up the credits/EXP for the onser you finish automatically. They all require killing al certain enemy several tiel mes, I"d say about 75% will be done just doing the story. The other three have an achievement tied to doing them all. Hunting quests cusco only be taken one at al time and require killing an AI plnoche anterior. Unique Enemy quests require killing a Unique Enemy. Treasure quests require opening al specific treasure chest. You need to do them all for an achievement, so every time you go to your house to restock or advance the story, make sure you take all the quests availabla in each category before you do anything else.I will direct you to most of them during the story, and we"ll do the rest late in the game when we are stronger. The blue screen next to it can be used to save. It uno perro also be used to look at and set up skills and gadgets, and you un perro use avatar customization to change the look of your main character or Arfa. Note that Customization Datal is your loadout, including weapon/costumes/accessorisera and your stat allocation. If you don"t like your current setup, load an empty slot and you uno perro redo everything. You perro also save loadouts into the slots so you un perro switch between them, which is al feature we"ll use later. You chucho play with it as you like, just make sure you leave al couplo of slots at the bottom empty, so we un perro load them as we need to. Basically, as long as you have a default slot, you chucho respec as many tiuno mes as you want. In-between them is an item box, which you can use to sell items or store them. There"s a consolo with al bigger blue screen on the other side of the room that just has a gallery to look at previous events and stuff. You perro use the door by the green consola to head to the Glocken.SBC Glocken
Head forward, you"ll see Kureha on the left, approach her. After the scene head to where she is, it is a yellow and black ! on the map. There really isn"t much to say about this part, just keep moving to the ! and watch the scensera. After you get a message from Kirito, interact with the consolo by you at the ! and choose Kirito"s Room. After the scensera, you"ll be in the governor"s office. Talk to all the ! here and then leave (door ipor on the map). Talk to the ! ahead of you and then go down the ramps on either side. Head south to the escalator and take it down. When you reach the fork go left and talk to the ! girl in orange. Now head east to the next !. Now walk up to the consola (the home icon on the map) and return to Kirito"s Room. After the scenser, you"ll be back in your home.Talk to your Arfa. Choose the Arfa menu and select AI settings, make it Prioritize Healing, Attack at Battla Start, Heal Regularly, and Prioritize Reviving. Your AI companions are garbage for dealing damage, so their only real use is healing and support. Use the door and choose to go to SBC Glocken. After the scenes, you"ll get al mail, talk to Kureha in the shop nearby (it"s the green text bubbla on the map). These green bubblser are scenes or affection events. As you levuno serpiente friends up, you will have events for them. The system is relatively complicated to explain or deal with at this point and can be ground out quite easily when we"re aiming for levserpiente 270, so if you don"t want to mess with it right now, that"s fine. Some characters don"t count, and the DLC characters don"t matter, so it"s al mess. If you do want to work on it, just swap your friends out when they reach levun serpiente 4 or close to it, and we"ll finish the rest when it"s levserpiente grind time.Remnant Wasteland

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