Naruto: diez Ways Tobirama Senju Was ns Worst Hokage desde not trusting the Uchiha familia to producing dangerous forbidden techniques, Tobirama doesn"t have ns best reputation amongst Hokage.

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no Tobirama Senju was the brother that Hashirama, the First Hokage of Konohagakure. After the death of his brother, the mantle of los Hokage was passed on to him y he became ns Second Hokage. Tobirama was ns shinobi who did both good and bad, as with most various other Hokage.

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While few of his actions helped Konohagakure development quite a lot, he additionally made part decisions the went on come haunt not just Konohagakure yet also ns rest of the Naruto world of shinobi for generations to follow.

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Tobirama Senju was no fond of the Uchiha right desde the Warring principal Era. While his hatred for his opponents was justification at ns time, when he became the Hokage, the should"ve been able to look in ~ them differently.

His mistrust in the Uchiha familia sowed seeds for problems that would certainly emerge años later y harm ns village in ways that were unimaginable come him at the time.

before Hashirama died, he told his brothers to no mistreat los Uchiha, yet evidently, Tobirama didn"t listen to the advice. After the autonomy of ns Uchiha to be challenged, the familia tried come resist, i m sorry didn"t sit right with Tobirama.

In an attempt to pacify them, Tobirama wanted to put castle in charge of los Konoha Police Force y control lock better. While the police force was thought of as a power, in reality, they were nothing however pawns.

Tobirama, being ns Hokage, was an ideas to many shinobi, though his hardline ways perpetuated hate much more than anything. If Hiruzen Sarutobi was believed to it is in a cómputo between Hashirama and Tobirama, others, prefer Danzo, took ideas desde his ideology and twisted it into something even worse.

Consequently, Danzo harmed ns village y their connection with los rest of the world as soon as all the power was given to him.

7 that Inevitably Led To ns Downfall Of los Uchiha familia With His Policies


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Tobirama"s treatment of ns Uchiha alienated them and made them feel unloved in los village. Even prior to he became los Hokage, that attempted come contain castle by advising his brother against them.

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When in power, Tobirama go everything possible to keep los Uchiha in inspect which eventually boiled down to los Uchiha familia Massacre during ns reign of his successor, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Hashirama y Madara created los Hidden Leaf village to stop kids desde suffering on ns battlefield y live their resides happily. Tobirama"s policies, however, did ns exact opposite of that for los Uchiha.

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Kids choose Shisui and Itachi were made to suffer for the sake of ns village. Others, favor Sasuke, had their childhood stripped representar them and most were just killed, all because Tobirama couldn"t love or trust them.

5 the Created the Edo Tensei i m sorry Was used For Nothing but Evil

Tobirama was quite an remarkable inventor and developed countless an effective Jutsu, however one that he never ever should"ve produced was certainly los Edo Tensei. Los Edo Tensei could never be provided for good y instead, it permitted Orochimaru to attack Konohagakure and kill Hiruzen Sarutobi.

The likes that Kabuto take it this Jutsu and used it in the Fourth an excellent Ninja War, i beg your pardon led to the loss of countless shinobi lives.

As uno Hokage, Tobirama had to be powerful enough to defend himself y the village desde his enemies however he failed come solidify ns relationships with other nations.

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One the his meetings with ns Second Raikage was intervened by ns Gold y Silver brothers and when they fought, Tobirama to be left at death"s door. Later on on, the was eliminated by Kinkaku during ns First good Ninja War.

3 He produced Several various other Forbidden Jutsu

If Edo Tensei wasn"t enough, Tobirama continued to construct other jutsu, like los Multiple zero Clone Jutsu or ns mutually exploding document tags technique, the was later on deemed come be too dangerous to be used.

These Jutsu were classified as Forbidden together they might hurt ns user. Discovering that, Tobirama need to never have created them in ns first place.

Madara Uchiha became one of the main antagonists of the historia only because Tobirama enabled his regreso by creating los Edo Tensei. When again, his jutsu put ns world in disgustado danger and almost destroyed life on los planet.

Madara Uchiha even thanked Tobirama for creating such ns Jutsu and helping him succeed in his objectives by making his reanimation possible.

1 Tobirama Was generally Responsible For ns Fourth great Ninja War

los Fourth great Ninja battle was began by Obito Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi and much of it can it is in traced regreso to the Second Hokage the Konohagakure. Had Tobirama not treated the Uchiha the way he did, Madara y Obito would never have made plans to use los Infinite Tsukuyomi.

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Furthermore, had Edo Tensei no existed, Kabuto wouldn"t have actually had fuerza for ns war. Many of Tobirama"s actions furthered los Fourth good Ninja War.

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