Top 50 restaurants in the world

uno dish desde Atelier Crenn, the san Francisco restaurant desde Dominique Crenn that debuted on los list in ~ No. Treinta y cinco Patricia Chang
At ns ceremony in Singapore today, chefs desde around the world (okay greatly Europe y the Americas) gathered to find out whose restoranes were named one of los World’s cincuenta Best on ns list funded by san Pellegrino.

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The list, which has faced años of criticism for exhilaration as un self-perpetuating repertoire of expensive, European-leaning tasting menu restoranes run by white men, lastly overhauled its rules this year come encourage much more diversity among the restaurant picks and gender cómputo among its vote body.

And yet in dos mil diecinueve the perform didn’t evidence ns lot the change. Mauro Colagreco’s Mirazur, an high value French Riviera restaurant with uno backyard farm, has been named ns World’s ideal Restaurant. It is the first time a French restaurant has actually ascended to the top of the rankings since the listicle debuted in 2002. Ns Menton establishment, located right by the border with Italy, is known for its salted beetroot con caviar cream, y for its unrivaled views of ns Cote D’Azur.

In ns list’s 18-year history, the “best” restaurant has actually only unable to do to european or North american restaurants. Los only mainland Chinese spot is still, as has actually been the case for half un decade, uno $600 tasting food selection spot correr by a French guy. There are alguno restaurants desde India on the list y the just African restaurant is un European-leaning point out in Cape Town. Los only entrant desde Turkey fell off ns list. Voters, that are regularly courted by traveler boards, are still not required to pay for their meals.

The organizers gotten rid of previous winners from the list this year, uno move designed to encourage much-needed turnover (and perhaps defend chef egos), however it essentially freed increase just tres spots, as the French Laundry y the Fat Duck had actually both long fallen desde the top 50 ranks already and elBulli is closed. Y because Noma is actually nuevo Noma™ — it opened up in its existing location in February 2018 with ns tasting food selection that currently rotates uno few veces a year — the Copenhagen restaurant was permitted trasero on the list, and it debuted again in the No. Dos slot. Período the Orwellian mathematics of the 50 Best list, the wins desde 2010, 2011, 2012, and dos mil catorce do no count, since that was un different restaurant. And ultimately, the top tres remained a familia mix: Mirazur, Noma, y Asador Etxebarri.

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The other large institutional adjust came final September, when 50 Best director Hélène Pietrini said that los academy would have an same male/female break-up going forward, and that voters would certainly be encouraged to “explore a diverse mix that restaurants.”

Overall, the top 50 list consisted of just five restaurantes helmed by mrs chefs, los same as último year. Clare Smyth, that earned the dubious el respeto of “World’s finest Female Chef,” has yet to do it to the completamente list, yet Dominique Crenn, who became one of just fourteen or so U.S. Chefs to earn three Michelin stars, ultimately won a spot this year, debuting in ~ No. 35. Leonor Espinosa’s Leo in Bogotá additionally moved into ns top 50, at No. 49.

There were part bright spots, however. Mexico made un particularly solid showing; Enrique Olvera’s Pujol in Mexico ciudad earned the top ranking of any kind of North americano restaurant, in ~ No. 12, y his nuevo York ciudad restaurant Cosme, operación with this year’s “best female chef” Daniela Soto-Innes, was the top ranked e.u. Restaurant at No. 23.

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The guide also benefited from a few nuevo Latin american restaurants. Leo, the first Colombian spot to make ns list, to be joined by new entrants A patria do Porco in Sao Paolo, too as don Julio in los buenos Aires.

Below, los winners. (Restaurants ranking cincuenta y uno - ciento veinte were revealed last week.)

The 2019 World’s cincuenta Best restaurants List

1. Mirazur (Menton, France)Chef: Mauro ColagrecoLast year’s rank: 3Average cost: €110-€210

2. Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark)Chef: Rene RedzepiLast year rank: N/AAverage cost: 2,500 DKK

3. Asador Etxebarri (Atxondo, Spain)Chef: víctor ArguinzonizLast year rank: 10Average cost: €176 tasting

4. Gaggan (Bangkok, Thailand)Chef: Gaggan AnandLast year’s rank: 5Average cost: THB 6,500