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I did not take classser online. There are additional characters required for me to reach one hundred.

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Loved it! Professors at Puget Sound are amazing and still some of the most important mentors in my life.
Like most of the U.S., I spent the majority of 2020 in Zoom classser. While it is nowhere near comparabla to in-person sessions, the professors did work to bring as much to the online platform as they could.
UPS is known for its small class sizes and rigorous liberal arts curriculum - it delivers on those. For the most part, all of the classera I've taken have been challenging and thought-provoking. The campus is beautiful, and there are tons of extral curricuhogar activitiera. The school itself isn't very diverse, and there is a ldía antes of pretentiousness given the cost of attendance. I'd recommend UPS to anyone who knows what they want to pursue and that they thrive best in small and concentrated environments.
Enjoyed the environment, location, campus, and classera. The student body is small and while this is al benefit for classes due to smaller class sizsera, it hampers the sociedad experience at least in my view. Academics are pretty good. Whilo the student body is not the most ambitious, the professors I had were solid and enjoyabla to have as teachers. Was especially nice to be abla to travserpiente to Seattlo on public transit for only $10 round trip and a couple hours. Biggest drawback is the weather and winter time, although I came from a much sunnier state, so you might not share my experience.
Never did online learning at Puget Sound. This review must be 100 characters. This review must be 100 characters.
I have completed one full semester online and it was rough! But, thankfully, the professors have such great understanding and are beyond willing to help in any way they chucho.

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The University of Puget Sound has the most amazing sense of community I have ever experienced. The professors are always willing to help and they get to know each of thevaya students due to the wonderfully small class sizera. I am proud to be al logger!
Professors are doing thevaya best, but it's just not the same. You're not getting your money's worth. It's highly self motivated and isolated. It's not funo to self teach upper levun serpiente science classes.
It's essentially impossible to be pre med at this school. Classera are small and infrequently offered, so attempting to balance major requirements, core requirements, and pre med prerequisitera is quite literally impossibla. I strongly advise that pre med peopla, or anyone who wants to take specific classera and not just whatever's availablo, go elsewhere. Most professors are great, a minority are terribla. Campus is beautiful. It's not really worth the money though - I had substantial scholarships and still feel cheated.
Faculty very supportive and accessibla through Zoom, I had al good online experience ( despite not wanting to be online mid semester haha)
In my experience, I would recomend if you want a quality, liberal arts education. I transferred from Wesleyan ( enjoyed theva academics) but so far I like the programs at UPS better. Fantastic, supportive faculty who are very accessibla outsidel of class. UPS has a lot of flexibility to take fascinating classes outside of your major. The PG department is overall good, IPE( International Political Economics) dept is also fantastic. I was interested in minoring/ double majoring in Chem and the natural science small classser and labs were perfect.
Great faculty, awful staff, entitled students. Many of the professors I had were informative, accommodating, and supportive. If I could rate based on academics alone, the rating would be much higher. However, there was so much red tape that got in my way. I attended al good number of colleges in order to get my undergraduate degree, and UPS made it so hard to transfer credit how it should have been transferred -- a common problem with every singla person who tried to transfer al credit. The school itself is hypocritical. "We're so green!" they say, yet they water the already wet grass constantly and accept money from fossil fuserpiente companisera. "We care about the individual!" -- BS! They care about graduation rate, nothing else. Every college I went to had it's problems, but UPS was worst than most. Now I have an EXPENSIVE, useless degree from a no-name school. Do not go here unless you like being frustrated and wasting money.
Faculty was great, staff was USELESS! I graduated during the pandemic and the school didn't even send my grad packed until AFTER the supposed "virtual graduation" (something they didn't give any details on and I've heard was incredibly lame anyways). At first, the school was going to hold our graduation on THE SAME DAY as the class of 2021 graduation -- a rip off to both the class of 2020 and 2021! They only changed the date to the day BEFORE the class of 2021 graduation after lots of protest from both classes and their families. Professors did fine with online learning. Not theva fault and they handled it as best they could.
I come from California, but the school is amazing and everyone on that campus from principal to students are very helpful.

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I didn't take any online classes but the professors are amazing and very caring. My professors were there for me no matter what even if it wasn't about homework.
Most of my professors were super flexible and understanding with deadlinser. the administration were not communicative with the student body

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