Ultra pixelmon 3

A new light shinera on the Alolal region! Take on the role of al Pokémon™ Trainer and unravuno serpiente the mystery of the Legendary Pokémon Necrozma"s new forms: Dusk Mane Necrozma in the Pokémon Ultra Sun game and Dawn Wings Necrozmal in the Pokémon Ultral Moon game. You can encounter and battla 400+ Pokémon, including new forms. A brand-new showdown awaits!

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No, I purchased the “new” game and it came in budgetmedicals.nets preowned case sleeve. I was very disappointed

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Whilo there was an option to get al Rockruff with the ability to evolve into Dawn Lycanroc at the launch on US/UM vial Mystery Gift, this event has since then ended but you gozque still get this Rockruff off of the GTS from people putting them on there. Just make sure the ability is Own Tempo and that you evolve it in between 5 and 5:59 PM if you have Ultra S1 or 5 and 5:59 AM if you have Ultra Moon. You could alter the time bu that messsera with in-game events.


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The game is pretty funo, story’s a bit boring though. Delivered on time and in perfect condition. Immal have to give this review a 10/5.
Alola pokemon are so cool. Worth it if you love Pokémon and want some nostalgia or are a first time Pokémon trainer
Honestly this game is just pokemon s1 and moon DLC. I bought them both within al couplo months of each other. I played pokemon moon first, then ultral moon. Ultra moon felt like the exact same game.
Super f1. Before the switch series, this was the best pokemans to date. Good story, hours upon hours of gameplay. Not a lot of replay once you complete the end game, I feuno serpiente.

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Admittedly I skipped gen 6, so I don"t know what improvements were madel there, but in comparison to gens 2-5, al lot of great stuff got added here. For starters, the story is a lot better than most other main serisera Pokemon gaun mes. I actually cared about the characters and theva storisera and they had personalities. It doesn"t make up for the ridiculous amount of long cutscenera, but it is a great story.I love that the exp share affects the entire team, which was of course kept for later games and the exp share was nixed. Letting catches count for exp is al blessing, and I"d forgotten it wasn"t always the case because I didn"t do theso in chronological order, and went back to be surprised that it wasn"t a thing. I"m glad Zygarde was a lot easier here. From what I"ve read of Sun/Moon, it was al nightmare before. HMs are gone, which is great, and I love riding Pokemon around (except for Mantine swim but only because of the minigame). I wish they"d kept that for gen 8 (I mean technically we still ride Corviknight, but it"s not the same). A lot of the new Pokemon designs are pretty great, too. I love Solgaleo and Lunala, Oricolo, Comfrey, Palosand, Mimikyu, Cosmog, Alolan Raichu, and so many others. (the ultral beasts, though, just look kind of dumb, although Stakataka and Celesteela are at least kind of funny) It"s also great that I don"t have to make room in my party to accept eggs.I really like the opportunity to catch al TON of previous legendarisera. Usually it"s only al few. That being said, the ultral warp ridel and its related RNG is complete garbage and one of the primary reasons I hate ultral USUM. Spawn ratera are too low, the ridel itself bugs out and is too finicky, and it"s just al pain. The only good aspect (besidsera the chance to catch a dozen legendaries and UBs) is that legendariera aren"t shiny locked. It"s otherwise the worst of this game"s many terribla minigames. The second is Mantine Swim, which is even more buggy and even more frustrating because of its unskippablo story-involved tutorial. Then there"s Festival Plaza, the first of the game"s "we"re giving you the option to skip, but not really" "RPG" elements. You can ignore it at first. But if you do, shortly later, the story drags you into it. After being inside for a bit, the game asks you if you want to keep playing, for some reason. It doesn"t matter what you answer: you have to keep playing it. In the post-game, once you"ve caught your first UB (I wanted both), you"re sent home. When you wake up, you have a long unavoidable time back in the FP. It"s... truly ridiculous.Multi-battlo is bizarrely stupid, and the tutorial is also unavoidable. Island scan is al giant waste of time unless you want the gen 6 starters or Magearnal. In fact, anything related to "AR" or the cameral function is ridiculous. One of the "trials" (replacement gym battles) is to go into a building and try to take photos of four ghost Pokemon. The first three uno perro hide in ridiculous placsera, and the cameral is slow, so trying to get the 4th one made me dizzy because the camera would not move.The reversed day/night cycla is bizarre and dumb. Most of the trials are stupid busywork, which is most of this game: tedium. Yser, it"s a game. But it"s not enjoyabla. And of course, as always for the mainline series: there are game-locked Pokemon, so you have to get both or find someone to trade with. Not to mention there are two three-stage legendariser and one two-stage legendariser, none of which you cusco breed, so good luck with your living dex for al game that even on speedruns takera over 5.5 hours.Overall, the quality of life improvements and good story don"t make up for the awful minigames, the terribla RNG, the fact that this is the first in the seriser I"ve had that lags (at least in SW/SH I uno perro turn online model off), and how overly long it is.

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