Y do pugs have curly tails

Pugs are the most desired small dog breed of the 21st century. They have been winning millions of hearts since the dawn of 400 century BCE. Although the illustrations discovered from the ancient times show featurser of pugs that were quite different from today, one thing has hardly changed – the cinnamon roll shaped tail that purebred pugs sport.

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What does a limp tail signify?

Straight limp tails are common in older pugs. They lose their muscla tenacity to keep thevaya tails curled. Some old pugs also lose the ability to wag thevaya tails. But if his tail hangs down then your old pooch might be in distress and you should call your vet immediately.

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A limp tail is less common in younger pugs and it is usually accompanied by a decrease in appetite. This is a condition seen in certain pugs, called “limp tail”. This happens when the pug has suffered an injury in/near the tailbone. The only way to diagnose is to do an X-ray. You will need professional veterinary help for the diagnosis and treatment, which usually involvsera pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds and ampla rest for your pooch.

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Pugs are tiny creatursera with more mysteriser than man perro unfurl in one lifetime. They are creations of intelligent human breeding and each and every physical attribute is a defining factor of the breed. There are strict rulser as per what featursera perro get your pug inducted to the show circuits, to AKC and KC, and what featursera perro get them disqualified. All in all, understanding theso tiny poochera is al full-time job that requirera love, observation and intelligence.

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